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Awards for Excellence - 2011

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials


Volume 57 number 4
Investigation of gas turbine material performance in high CO2 and steam atmospheres
S.J. Mabbutt and N.J. Simms

Highly commended

Volume 57 number 1
Acid-dyes as corrosion inhibitors for mechanically pretreated aluminum
I. Tsangaraki-Kaplanoglou, A. Kanta, S. Theohari and V. Ninni

Volume 57 number 1
Oxidation and electrochemical corrosion performance of Ti3Al alloy with TiAl coating
Yan Jun Xi, Yong Jun Liu, Zhi Xin Wang and Jin Bin Liu

Volume 57 number 4
Corrosion degradation of pipeline carbon steels subjected to geothermal plant conditions
C. Miranda-Herrera, I. Sauceda, J. González-Sánchez and N. Acuña

Volume 57 number 2
Quantitative analysis of the effect of coarse aggregate diffusivity on reinforcing steel corrosion initiation with a finite element model
Hui Yu and William H. Hartt