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Awards for Excellence - 2010

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Team Performance Management


Volume 15 issue 7 and 8
Top management team composition and views of viable strategies
Tiina Gallén

Highly commended

Volume 15 issue 1 and 2
The impact of physical environment on employee commitment in call centres: The mediating role of employee well-being
David McGuire and Lauren McLaren

Volume 15 issue 5 and 6
Employee empowerment and team performance: Autonomy, responsibility, information, and creativity
Seung-Bum Yang and Sang Ok Choi

Volume 15 issue 3 and 4
Mentor functions in NCAA women's soccer coaching dyads
Eileen M. Narcotta, Jeffrey C. Petersen and Scott R. Johnson

Outstanding reviewers

Dr David McGuire
Dr Travor Brown