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Awards for Excellence - 2010

Outstanding Papers

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Management Research News


Volume 32 issue 1
Moderating effect of national attributes and the role of cultural dimensions in technology adoption takeoff
Tomi P. Haapaniemi and Saku J. Mäkinen

Highly commended

Volume 32 issue 11
Theory development in humanitarian logistics: a framework and three cases
Marianne Jahre, Leif-Magnus Jensen and Tore Listou

Volume 32 issue 6
Founder team interaction, customer and competitor orientation in software ventures
Thilo A. Mueller and Hans Georg Gemünden

Volume 32 issue 3
Budget participation and job performance of South Korean managers mediated by job satisfaction and job relevant information
Maria A. Leach-López, William W. Stammerjohan and Kyoo Sang Lee

Outstanding reviewers

Professor Elena Revilla
Professor James J Cordeiro