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Awards for Excellence - 2010

Outstanding Papers

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Microelectronics International


Volume 26 issue 2
Comparison of low cost, insulated aluminium substrates used as integrated heat sinks with conventional technology
E. Eisermann, K. Höll, W. Smetana, W. Tusler, M. Unger and J. Whitmarsh

Highly commended

Volume 26 issue 2
Ruthenium dioxide doped manganite-based NTC thermistors for low-resistance applications
Shweta Jagtap, Sunit Rane, Suresh Gosavi and Dinesh Amalnerkar

Volume 26 issue 1
Microwave dielectric and attenuation properties of Ni0.7 xCoxZn0.3Fe2O4 thick films
M.K. Rendale, S.D. Kulkarni and Vijaya Puri

Volume 26 issue 3
Chemical characterization of failures and process materials for microelectronics assembly
Chien-Yi Huang, Ming-Shu Li, Chen-Liang Ku, Hao-Chun Hsieh and Kung-Cheng Li