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Awards for Excellence - 2010

Outstanding Papers

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Managerial Auditing Journal


Volume 24 issue 8
The effect of goals on auditors' judgments and their perceptions of and conformity to other auditors' judgments
Stephen K. Asare and Anna M. Cianci

Highly commended

Volume 24 issue 4
The role of audit committees in managing relationships with external auditors after SOX: Evidence from the USA
Rani Hoitash and Udi Hoitash

Volume 24 issue 5
The effect of performance feedback and client importance on auditors' self- and public-focused ethical judgments
Anna M. Cianci and James Lloyd Bierstaker

Volume 24 issue 2
The audit trinity: the key to securing corporate accountability
Brenda A. Porter

Volume 24 issue 9
Commitment to independence by internal auditors: the effects of role ambiguity and role conflict
Zaini Ahmad and Dennis Taylor