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Awards for Excellence - 2010

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship


Volume 1 issue 1
Acquisition of resources, formal organization and entrepreneurial orientation of new ventures
Niu Fang, Zhang Yuli and Xue Hongzhi

Highly commended

Volume 1 issue 2
Acquisition of tacit marketing knowledge: A role of human capital and social capital of entrepreneurs in China
Karen Yuan Wang, Richard Li-Hua and Er-Ming Xu

Volume 1 issue 2
Entrepreneurship and innovation: the case of Yangtze River Delta in China
Jianghuai Zheng, Zhining Hu and Jialing Wang

Volume 1 issue 1
Channel performance in China: a study of distribution centers in Fujian Province
Peter O’Neill, Annibal José Scavarda and Zhenhua Yang

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Fang Zhao
Dr. Xiong Xiong