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Awards for Excellence - 2010

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management


Volume 21 number 6
The effect of perceived fairness toward hotel overbooking and compensation practices on customer loyalty
Johye Hwang and Li Wen

Highly commended

Volume 21 number 4
Identifying the underlying structure of perceived service fairness in restaurants
Young Namkung, SooCheong (Shawn) Jang, Barbara Almanza and Joe Ismail

Volume 21 number 3
The employee-customer relationship quality: Antecedents and consequences in the hotel industry
Mario Castellanos-Verdugo, Mª de los ángeles Oviedo-García and José L. Roldán and Nadine Veerapermal

Volume 21 number 1
The relationship between outsourcing and organizational performance: Is it myth or reality for the hotel sector?
Tamer Bolat and Özgür Yılmaz

Volume 21 number 3
A transactional approach to customer loyalty in the hotel industry
Hanaa Osman, Nigel Hemmington and David Bowie

Outstanding reviewers

Professor Michael Davidson
Professor Arie Reichel