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Awards for Excellence - 2010

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Competitiveness Review


Volume 19 number 4
Engaging embedded information: Toward a holistic theory of knowledge transfer in organizations
Michael P. Thompson, Robert J. Jensen and Kristen DeTienne

Highly commended

Volume 19 number 2
A theoretical perspective of the cultural influences of individualism/collectivism, group membership, and performance variation on allocation behaviors of supervisors
Paul A. Fadil, Steven Williamson and Mike Knudstrup

Volume 19 number 1
International joint ventures: an integrated framework
Sameer Vaidya

Volume 19 number 3
An international comparison of empirical generalized double diamond model approaches to Taiwan and Korea
Day-Yang Liu and Hsin-Fang Hsu

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Donald A DePalma
Dr G Scott Erickson