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Awards for Excellence - 2010

Outstanding Papers

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Accounting Research Journal


Volume 22 number 1
The effect of Enron, Andersen, and Sarbanes-Oxley on the US market for audit services
Sharad Asthana, Steven Balsam and Sungsoo Kim

Highly commended

Volume 22 number 1
Towards a national default option for low-cost superannuation
Wilson Sy

Volume 22 number 3
The effects of forecast specificity on the asymmetric short-window share market response to management earnings forecasts
Howard Chan, Robert Faff, Yee Kee Ho and Alan Ramsay

Volume 22 number 2
The changing face of regulators' investigations into financial statement fraud
Richard Lane and Brendan T. O'Connell

Volume 22 number 2
Financial status, corporate governance quality, and the likelihood of managers using discretionary accruals
Sebahattin Demirkan and Harlan Platt