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Awards for Excellence - 2009

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

The TQM Journal


Volume 20 issue 1
Integration of CRM and QFD A novel model for enhancing customer participation in design and delivery
Arash Shahin and Payam Nikneshan

Highly commended

Volume 20 issue 4
Affective design of waiting areas in primary healthcare
Ebru Ayas, J

Volume 20 issue 5
Modify IPA for quality improvement: Taguchi's signal-to-noise ratio approach
Yu-Cheng Lee, Tieh-Min Yen and Chih-Hung Tsai

Volume 20 issue 1
How organisations can learn from complaints
J.F.J. Vos, G.B. Huitema and E. de Lange-Ros

Outstanding reviewer

Jan Frick