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Awards for Excellence - 2009

Outstanding Papers

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Soldering & Surface Mount Technology


Volume 20 number 3
Characterization of Sn7In4.1Ag0.5Cu solder in lead-free composite solder joints of LTCC/PWB assembly
O. Nousiainen, T. Kangasvieri, R. Rautioaho and J. Va

Highly commended

Volume 20 number 1
Microstructural changes of lead-free solder joints during long-term ageing, thermal cycling and vibration fatigue
Andreas R. Fix, Wolfgang Nüchter, Jürgen Wilde

Volume 20 number 2
Reliability test and failure analysis of high-density packages assembled with a low-temperature lead-free solder (SnBiAg)
John Lau, Jerry Gleason, Valeska Schroeder, Gregory Henshall, Walter Dauksher and Bob Sullivan