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Awards for Excellence - 2009

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Microelectronics International


Volume 25 number 2
Experimental and numerical analyses of thick-film piezoceramic structures for miniaturised sensors and actuators
Marina Santo Zarnik, Darko Belavic, Srecko Macek

Highly commended

Volume 25 number 2
Geometrical, electrical and stability properties of thick-film and LTCC microcapacitors
Edward Mis, Andrzej Dziedzic, Tomasz Piasecki, Jaroslaw Kita, Ralf Moos

Volume 25 number 1
Wire bond challenges in low-k devices
Srikanth Narasimalu

Volume 25 number 3
Photoconductive cells from screen-printed and sintered cadmium sulfoselenide
Jiri Franc, Stanislav Nespurek