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Awards for Excellence - 2009

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Internet Research


Volume 18 number 5
Exploring Individual Communication Power in the Blogosphere
Hsiu-Chia Ko, Chun-Po Yin and Feng-Yang Kuo

Highly commended

Volume 18 number 2
Taking sides: user classification for informal online political discourse
Robert Malouf and Tony Mullen

Volume 18 number 3
Connecting P2P to the web Lessons from a prototype Gnutella-WWW gateway
Brian D. Davison, Wei Zhang and Baoning Wu

Volume 18 number 3
The effectiveness of online customer relations tools: Comparing the perspectives of organizations and customers
Lior Fink, Aviv Zeevi and Dov Te'eni

Outstanding reviewers

Dr. Pat Molholt
Dr. Randy Maule