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Awards for Excellence - 2009

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Competitiveness Review


Volume 18 number 1 and 2
Competition and strategy of Chinese firms An analysis of top performing Chinese private enterprises
Fang Lee Cooke

Highly commended

Volume 18 number 1 and 2
National and firm competitiveness: a general research model
Attila Chik

Volume 18 number 3
Strategic development of network clusters A study of high technology regional development and global competitiveness
Kuei-Hsien Niu, Grant Miles and Chung-Shing Lee

Volume 18 number 4
Competency and performance analysis of Indian SMEs and large organizations An exploratory study
Rajesh K. Singh and Suresh K. Garg and S.G. Deshmukh

Outstanding reviewers

Dr. Donald DePalma
Dr. Robert Vokurka