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Awards for Excellence - 2009

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials


Volume 55 number 3
Corrosion of materials used in the solar energy industry
Frederico Guilherme Dantas dos Santos, Carlos Roberto Ara

Highly commended

Volume 55 number 2
Influence of Actinomyces israelii biofilm on the corrosion behaviour of copper IUD
S.B. Valdez, B.M. Carrillo, R. Zlatev, M. Stoytcheva, W.M. Schorr, R.J. Cobo, L.T. Perez and J.M. Bastidas

Volume 55 number 4
Effect of humic acid on the corrosion behavior of carbon steel in natural freshwaters
Li Jiang, Xuhui Mao and Jianfei Yu and Fuxing Gan