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Awards for Excellence - 2008

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Microelectronics International: An International Journal


Volume 24 issue 1
Studies on electrical properties of polymer thick film resistors
Y. Srinivasa Rao

Highly commended

Volume 24 issue 1
Investigations of mechanical strength and electrical resistance of adhesives and adhesive joints in liquid nitrogen
B. Bober, A. Bochenek, B. Olszewska-Mateja, Z. Z. ?aluk

Volume 24 issue 2
Thick film NTC thermistor for wide range of temperature sensing
Shweta Jagtap, Sunit Rane, Uttamrao Mulik, Dinesh Amalnerkar

Volume 24 issue 2
Fabrication and characterization of bulk and thick film perovskite NTC thermistors
J. Kulawik, D. Szwagierczak, B. Gröger, A. Skwarek