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Awards for Excellence - 2008

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

COMPEL: The International Journal for Computation & Mathematics in Electrical & Electronic Engineering


Volume 26 number 3
Electromagnetic models for metallic carbon nanotube interconnects
Andrea Gaetano Chiariello, Giovanni Miano, Antonio Maffucci, Fabio Villone, Walter Zamboni

Highly commended

Volume 26 number 3
de Rham currents in discrete electromagnetism
B. Auchmann, S. Kurz

Volume 26 number 5
TLM modeling of transformer with internal short circuit faults
Okan Ozgonenel, David W.P. Thomas, Christos Christopoulos

Volume 26 number 3
Perfectly matched layers for T, Φ formulation
Gernot Matzenauer, Oszkár Bíró, Karl Hollaus, Kurt Preis, Werner Renhart

Outstanding reviewer

Theodoros Tsiboukis, Aristotle University of Tessaloniki, Greece