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Awards for Excellence - 2008

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials


Volume 54 issue 3
Effect of benzotriazole derivatives on the corrosion of steel in simulated concrete pore solutions
Mashal Sheban, Muna Abu-Dalo, Ayman Ababneh, Silvana Andreescu

Highly commended

Volume 54 issue 5
Corrosion of chromate conversion films on aluminium in electrically bonded interfaces
Reza Shoja Razavi

Volume 54 issue 4
Review of materials for adsorption refrigeration technology
M.A. Alghoul, M.Y. Sulaiman, B.Z. Azmi, K. Sopian, M.Abd. Wahab

Volume 54 issue 4
Correlation between the corrosivity of naphthenic acids and their chemical structures
Ding-Rong Qu, Yu-Gui Zheng, Xiu Jiang, Wei Ke

Volume 54 issue 5
An evaluation of the corrosion behavior of aluminum surfaces in presence of fungi using atomic force microscopy and other tests
A.M.A. Silva, T.M. Santiago, C.R. Alves, M.I.F. Guedes, J.A.K. Freire, R.H.S.F. Vieira, R.C.B. da Silva

Outstanding reviewer

Kalliopi K. Aligizaki, Aedificat Institute Freiburg, Germany