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Awards for Excellence - 2014

Outstanding Papers - Library Studies

Award journal index

Aslib Journal of Information Management

Outstanding reviewer

Steve Dale

Collection Building


Volume 32 number 3
Damned if you do, damned if you don't: Texas A&M University Libraries' collection assessment for off-site storage
Simona Tabacaru, Carmelita Pickett

Highly commended

Volume 32 number 2
The library beyond the walls on the walls
Rachel Crane

Volume 32 number 4
Collection management and the budget crunch: are we adequately preparing library students for current practices?
Olivia Marie Hedlund, Andrea Copeland

Volume 32 number 3
Comparing usage between selective and bundled e-monograph purchases
Alain R. Lamothe

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Gregory Alan Crawford
Professor Robert P Holley

Electronic Library, The


Volume 31 number 5
Designing for specialized visual domains: A preparatory qualitative analysis for a digital collection in the Book Arts
Dan Albertson, Amanda Haldy

Highly commended

Volume 31 number 6
Enhancing access to library resources at Northern Caribbean University through an e-library initiative
Natalee Knight

Volume 31 number 5
The influence of open access on journal cancellations in university libraries in South Africa
Ruth Geraldine Hoskins

Volume 31 number 4
Public library blogs and elders' self-learning: a content analysis
Mei-Yu Wang

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Frank Cervone
Professor Miguel-Angel Sicilia

International Journal of Web Information Systems


Volume 9 number 1
Tip information from social media based on topic detection
Yuki Hattori, Akiyo Nadamoto

Journal of Documentation


Volume 69 number 1
Connecting with new information landscapes: information literacy practices of refugees
Annemaree Lloyd, Mary Anne Kennan, Kim M. Thompson, Asim Qayyum

Highly commended

Volume 69 number 2
Interpreting reference work with contemporary practice theory
Mary F. Cavanagh

Volume 69 number 5
An interaction and interface design framework for video digital libraries
Dan Albertson

Library Management

The Alexander Wilson Award
Named after Alexander Wilson, Director-General of the British Library Reference Division from 1980 until his retirement in 1986. Before that he was Director of Cheshire Libraries and Museums, and Director of Libraries and Cultural Services in Dudley and Coventry.


Volume 34 number 8
Becoming partners in urban development: A case-study research on the strategic roles of Flemish and Dutch public libraries in the future development of cities
Nathalie Vallet

Highly commended

Volume 34 number 1
Exploring factors in non-use of hospital library resources by healthcare personnel
Frederick O'Dell, Hugh Preston

Volume 34 number 6
Resource leveling for a mass digitization project
Barbara Petersohn, Traci Drummond, Melanie Maxwell, Kelly Pepper

Volume 34 number 6
Establishing a culture of research practice in an academic library: an Australian case study
Ian McBain, Helen Culshaw, Liz Walkley Hall

Outstanding reviewer

Ian Smith

Library Review

R. D. MacLeod Award
Named after Library Review’s founding editor, Robert Duncan MacLeod (1885-1973). He founded Library Review in 1927 and remained editor until 1964, solely responsible for its establishment and development during those 36 years, encouraging many up-and-coming librarians, as well as publishing material from many of the profession’s prominent names.


Volume 62 number 8
The special librarian and personalized meta-services: Strategies for reconnecting librarians and researchers
Jan Michael Nolin

Highly commended

Volume 62 number 1
Public libraries and difficulties with targeting the homeless
Thomas H. Muggleton

Volume 62 number 1
Re-inventing the library: The role of strategic planning, marketing and external relations, and shared services at the National Library of Scotland
Martyn Wade

Volume 62 number 8
Documenting local history: a case study in digital storytelling
Suzanna K. Conrad

OCLC Systems & Services


Volume 29 number 4
2012 survey of the preservation, management, and use of audiovisual media in European higher education institutions
Andy Stauder

Highly commended

Volume 29 number 1
Assessing the coverage of Hawaiian and Pacific books in the Google Books digitization project
Andrew Weiss, Ryan James

Volume 29 number 2
Anonymity and authenticity in the cloud: issues and applications
Eric P. Delozier

Volume 29 number 4
Usability testing in libraries: methods, limitations, and implications
Jennifer Emanuel

Online Information Review


Volume 37 number 3
Online newspapers and ad banners: an eye tracking study on the effects of congruity
Marco Porta, Alice Ravarelli, Francesco Spaghi

Highly commended

Volume 37 number 4
Network analysis of user generated content quality in Wikipedia
Myshkin Ingawale, Amitava Dutta, Rahul Roy, Priya Seetharaman

Volume 37 number 3
Gone too soon: did Twitter grieve for Michael Jackson?
Chei Sian Lee, Dion Hoe-Lian Goh

Volume 37 number 5
Exploring user contributed information in social computing systems: quantity versus quality
Chen Ye, Oded Nov

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Chei Sian Lee
Professor Keng-Boon Ooi

Performance Measurement and Metrics


Volume 14 number 1
Developing a values scorecard
J. Stephen Town, Martha Kyrillidou

Highly commended

Volume 14 number 1
Library usage and demographic characteristics of undergraduate students in a UK university
Graham Stone, Ellen Collins

Volume 14 number 3
Adding value: getting to the heart of the matter
Joseph Matthews

Reference Services Review


Volume 41 number 3
Trends in the literature on library instruction and information literacy, 2001-2010
Claudene Sproles, Robert Detmering, Anna Marie Johnson

Outstanding reviewers

David Tyckoson
Professor Margy MacMillan