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Awards for Excellence - 2011

Outstanding Papers - Library Studies

Award journal index

Aslib Proceedings


Volume 62 number 4 and 5
Semantic targeting: past, present, and future
David Crystal

Highly commended

Volume 62 number 2
Repositories and journals: are they in conflict? A literature review of relevant literature
David J. Brown

Volume 62 number 3
Forms, effects, function: LIS students’ attitudes towards portable e-book readers
M. Cristina Pattuelli and Debbie Rabina

Outstanding reviewers

Anne Welsh
John Akeroyd

Collection Building


Volume 29 number 2
How to evaluate library collections: a case study of collection mapping
Merja Hyödynmaa, Aniita Ahlholm-Kannisto and Hannele Nurminen

Highly commended

Volume 29 number 4
Collaborative collection development: a Canadian-Indonesian initiative
Andre P. Bolduc

Volume 29 number 2
Electronic collection growth: an academic library case study
Diana Kichuk

Volume 29 number 1
The availability of e-books: examples of nursing and business
Sarah Pomerantz

Outstanding reviewer

Professor Robert P Holley

Information Technology & People


Volume 23 number 3
The “cool factor” of public access to ICT Users’ perceptions of trust in libraries, telecentres and cybercafe´s in developing countries
Ricardo Gomez and Elizabeth Gould

Highly commended

Volume 23 number 2
Learning routines and disruptive technological change: Hyper-learning in seven software development organizations during internet adoption
Kalle Lyytinen, Gregory Rose and Youngjin Yoo

Volume 23 number 1
Knowledge transfer processes for different experience levels of knowledge recipients at an offshore technical support center
Jihong Chen and Robert J. McQueen

Volume 23 number 1
Events, emotions, and technology: examining acceptance of workplace technology changes
Kathryn R. Stam and Jeffrey M. Stanton

Outstanding reviewer

Professor Lynette Kvasny

Interlending & Document Supply


Volume 38 number 2
DELNET – the functional resource sharing library network: a success story from India
Sangeeta Kaul

Highly commended

Volume 38 number 1
KITS: a national system for document supply in Turkey
Ertugrul Cimen, Ayhan Tuglu, Mehmet Manyas, Sema Çelikbas, and Zeki Çelikbas

Volume 38 number 1
Development of document delivery by libraries in Germany since 2003
Uwe Rosemann and Markus Brammer

Volume 38 number 3
Lowering the barriers from Discovery to Delivery: a JISC funded EDINA and Mimas project
Fred Guy and Joy Elizabeth Palmer

International Journal of Web Information Systems


Volume 6 number 3
Extracting content holes by comparing community-type content with Wikipedia
Akiyo Nadamoto, Eiji Aramaki, Takeshi Abekawa and Yohei Murakami

Journal of Documentation


Volume 66 number 6
A multilevel model of HIV/AIDS information/help network development
Tiffany Veinot

Highly commended

Volume 66 number 3
Orally-based information
Deborah Turner

Volume 66 number 5
Document, text and medium: concepts, theories and disciplines
Niels Windfeld Lund

Library Hi Tech News


Volume 27 number 2
Optimizing library content for mobile phones
R. Bruce Jensen

Highly commended

Volume 27 number 4 and 5
Snap & Go: a QReative case in point
Paula MacKinnon and Cathy Sanford

Volume 27 number 1
Picturing your community: Flickr use in public libraries
Ellen Forsyth and Leanne Perry

Library Management

The Alexander Wilson Award
Named after Alexander Wilson, Director-General of the British Library Reference Division from 1980 until his retirement in 1986. Before that he was Director of Cheshire Libraries and Museums, and Director of Libraries and Cultural Services in Dudley and Coventry.


Volume 31 number 8 and 9
Educating the academic librarian as a blended professional: a review and case study
Sheila Corrall

Highly commended

Volume 31 number 4 and 5
Service innovation in academic libraries: is there a place for the customers?
Ada Scupola and Hanne Westh Nicolajsen

Volume 31 number 6
Academic libraries in transition: some leadership issues – a viewpoint
Robert Moropa

Volume 31 number 1 and 2
Use of open access journals in biomedicine in Greece
Assimina Vlachaki and Christine Urquhart

Library Review

R. D. MacLeod Award
Named after Library Review’s founding editor, Robert Duncan MacLeod (1885-1973). He founded Library Review in 1927 and remained editor until 1964, solely responsible for its establishment and development during those 36 years, encouraging many up-and-coming librarians, as well as publishing material from many of the profession’s prominent names.


Volume 59 number 3
Making information literacy relevant
Andrew K. Shenton, Megan Fitzgibbons

Highly commended

Volume 59 number 3
Classification of Islamic literature in Pakistani libraries: A survey
Haroon Idrees and Khalid Mahmood

Volume 59 number 6
Assessing the digital divide in a Jordanian academic library
Othman Obeidat and Paul Genoni

Volume 59 number 6
A review of biological deterioration of library materials and possible control strategies in the tropics
Olubanke M. Bankole

New Library World


Volume 111 number 11 and 12
Public libraries as impartial spaces in a consumer society: possible, plausible, desirable?
Christine Rooney-Browne and David McMenemy

Highly commended

Volume 111 number 11 and 12
Social networking in academic libraries: the possibilities and the concerns
Andrea Dickson and Robert P. Holley

Volume 112 number 7 and 8
Citizen services and public libraries: an analysis of a new service in Danish public libraries
Niels Ole Pors

Volume 111 number 3 and 4
Emerging patterns and trends in utilizing electronic resources in a higher education environment: An empirical analysis
Hepu Deng

OCLC Systems & Services


Volume 26 number 1
Aluka: digitization from Maputo to Timbuktu
Deirdre Ryan

Highly commended

Volume 26 number 4
Revitalizing a library collection rich in educational potential
Jim Frutchey

Volume 26 number 4
Beyond the OPAC: creating different interfaces for specialized collections in an ILS system
Sai Deng

Volume 26 number 2
DmBridge: Building a collaborative solution for streamlined digital library design and development
Cory Lampert, Alex Dolski and Brian Egan

Online Information Review


Volume 34 number 2
Google Scholar as a tool for discovering journal articles in library and information science
Dirk Lewandowski

Highly commended

Volume 34 number 2
Google and the scholar: the role of Google in scientists' information-seeking behaviour
Hamid R. Jamali and Saeid Asadi

Volume 34 number 3
Search strategies on a new health information retrieval system
Xiangming Mu and Kun Lu, Hohyon Ryu

Outstanding reviewers

Professor Dietmar Wolfram
Professor Mike Thelwall

Performance Measurement and Metrics


Volume 11 number 3
The use of web statistics in cultural heritage institutions
Henk Voorbij

Highly commended

Volume 11 number 2
The Research Commons: a new creature in the library?
William Daniels, Colin Darch and Karin de Jager

Volume 11 number 1
Burning platforms and melting icebergs: An exploratory analysis of present strategic challenges and cross-pressures in the public libraries
Niels Ole Pors

Volume 11 number 1
Towards an assessment of public library value: Statistics on the policy makers' agenda
Kristine Pabērza



Volume 44 number 1
ScotlandsPlaces XML: bespoke XML or XML mapping?
Ashley Beamer and Mark Gillick

Highly commended

Volume 44 number 4
Three-dimensional extension of a digital library service system
Long Xiao

Volume 44 number 2
Collaboration nation: the building of the Welsh Repository Network
Jacqueline Knowles

Volume 44 number 3
Promoting your e-books: lessons from the UK JISC National e-Book Observatory
Ray Lonsdale and Chris Armstrong

Reference Reviews

Reference Services Review


Volume 38 number 1
What net generation students really want: Determining library help-seeking preferences of undergraduates
Lizah Ismail

Highly commended

Volume 38 number 1
Reference service without the desk
Theresa S. Arndt

Volume 38 number 2
A mobile future for academic libraries
Joan K. Lippincott

Volume 38 number 1
Web 2.0 for reference services staff training and communication
Jane P. Currie

Outstanding reviewers

Mary Ellen Spencer
David Tyckoson

The Electronic Library


Volume 28 number 6
Assessment of taxonomy building tools
Abdus Sattar Chaudhry

Highly commended

Volume 28 number 5
Information technology and gender gap: toward a global view
Golnessa Galyani Moghaddam

Volume 28 number 6
An innovative approach for developing and employing electronic libraries to support context-aware ubiquitous learning
Hui-Chun Chu, Gwo-Jen Hwang and Judy C.R. Tseng

Volume 28 number 1
Challenges and opportunities of e-government in South Africa
Stephen M. Mutula and Janneke Mostert

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Monica Landoni
Alan Butters