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Awards for Excellence - 2010

Outstanding Papers - Library Studies

Award journal index

Aslib Proceedings


Volume 61 number 1
Electronic journals and changes in scholarly article seeking and reading patterns
Carol Tenopir, Donald W. King, Sheri Edwards and Lei Wu

Highly commended

Volume 61 number 2
Blogs, news and credibility
Barrie Gunter, Vincent Campbell, Maria Touri and Rachel Gibson

Volume 61 number 4
The digital native
Neil Selwyn

Outstanding reviewer

Dr Stephen A. Roberts

Collection Building


Volume 28 number 1
Collection analysis to enhance funding for research materials
Michael Culbertson and Michelle Wilde

Highly commended

Volume 28 number 3
Electronic women's grey literature in academic libraries
Marta L. Magnuson

Volume 28 number 4
Collecting law and medical titles for general academic collections: what use statistics can tell us
Michael Levine-Clark and Margaret M. Jobe

Volume 28 number 2
How using an allocation formula changed funding allocations at Long Island University
Charles I. Guarria

Outstanding reviewers

Professor Robert P Holley
Dr Gregory A Crawford

Interlending & Document Supply


Volume 37 number 4
Borrow Direct: a decade of a sustained quality book-lending service
Danuta A. Nitecki, Carol Jones and Jeffrey Barnett

International Journal of Web Information Systems


Volume 5 number 3
A new approach to web users clustering and validation: a divergence-based scheme
Vassiliki A. Koutsonikola, Sophia G. Petridou, Athena I. Vakali and Georgios I. Papadimitriou

Journal of Documentation


Volume 65 number 2
Information use and information processing: Comparison of conceptualizations
Reijo Savolainen

Highly commended

Volume 65 number 3
Dimensions of tasks: influences on information-seeking and retrieving process
Iris Xie

Volume 65 number 4
Information science: communication chain and domain analysis
Lyn Robinson

Library Management

The Alexander Wilson Award
Named after Alexander Wilson, Director-General of the British Library Reference Division from 1980 until his retirement in 1986. Before that he was Director of Cheshire Libraries and Museums, and Director of Libraries and Cultural Services in Dudley and Coventry.


Volume 30 number 1 and 2
Information and digital literacy: a stumbling block to development? A Pakistan perspective
Kanwal Ameen and G.E. Gorman

Highly commended

Volume 30 number 8 and 9
Campus priorities and information literacy in Hong Kong higher education: A case study
Dianne Cmor

Volume 30 number 8 and 9
The right person, in the right job, with the right skills, at the right time: A workforce-planning model that goes beyond metrics
Judy Stokker and Gillian Hallam

Outstanding reviewer

Dr Paul Genoni

Library Review

R. D. MacLeod Award
Named after Library Review’s founding editor, Robert Duncan MacLeod (1885-1973). He founded Library Review in 1927 and remained editor until 1964, solely responsible for its establishment and development during those 36 years, encouraging many up-and-coming librarians, as well as publishing material from many of the profession’s prominent names.


Volume 58 number 9
Evaluating the usability and usefulness of a digital library
Steven Buchanan and Adeola Salako

Highly commended

Volume 58 number 8
Supporting the information needs of entrepreneurs in South Africa
Peter Underwood

Volume 58 number 6
Sociability and social interaction on social networking websites
Andrew Keenan and Ali Shiri

Volume 58 number 3
Crashing the Facebook party: One library's experiences in the students' domain
Jamie M. Graham, Allison Faix and Lisa Hartman

New Library World


Volume 110 number 7 and 8
Libraries and return on investment (ROI): a meta-analysis
Svanhild Aab

Highly commended

Volume 110 number 1 and 2
The shifting landscape of e-books
Aline Soules

Volume 110 number 3 and 4
The chat reference interview: seeking evidence based on RUSA's guidelines - A case study at Texas A&M University Libraries
Wyoma van Duinkerken, Jane Stephens and Karen I. MacDonald

Volume 110 number 11 and 12
Is the all-electronic route a sensible option for the modern school library?
Andrew K. Shenton

OCLC Systems & Services


Volume 25 number 4
Exposing the history of Europe: the creation of a structure to enable time-spatial searching of historical resources within a European framework
Paula J. Aucott, Alexander von Lünen and Humphrey Southall

Highly commended

Volume 25 number 1
Open access and institutional repositories in Greece: progress so far
Elisavet Chantavaridou

Volume 25 number 2
Open access dissemination challenges: a case study
Philip Young

Volume 25 number 3
Usability analysis for redesign of a Caribbean academic library web site: a case study
Richard Rogers and Hugh Preston

Performance Measurement and Metrics


Volume 10 number 2
Bridging the gap between service provision and customer expectations
Susan McKnight

Highly commended

Volume 10 number 2
What is impact assessment and why is it important?
David Streatfield and Sharon Markless

Volume 10 number 3
Structuration and social identity theories: Qualitative methodologies for determining skills and competencies for the information profession in the 21st century
Judith Broady-Preston

Volume 10 number 3
Measuring Croatian public and academic library culture: Interviews with library directors
Kornelija Petr Balog



Volume 43 number 1
An integrated library platform: Wales
Paul Bevan and Alyson Tyler

Highly commended

Volume 43 number 1
Map metadata: essential elements for search and storage
Ashley Beamer

Volume 43 number 2
Building a virtual branch at Vancouver Public Library using Web 2.0 tools
Kay Cahill

Volume 43 number 4
Making the Long Tail visible: social networking sites and independent music discovery
Michael Gaffney and Pauline Rafferty

Outstanding reviewer

Professor Michael Malinconico

Reference Reviews

Reference Services Review


Volume 37 number 3
On the remediation of Wikipedia to the iPod
Jim Hahn

Highly commended

Volume 37 number 1
Using Meebo's embedded IM for academic reference services: A case study
William Breitbach, Matthew Mallard and Robert Sage

Volume 37 number 4
"More than words": screencasting as a reference tool
Allison Carr and Pearl Ly

Volume 37 number 4
Blogging toward information literacy: engaging students and facilitating peer learning
Christopher Chan and Dianne Cmor

Outstanding reviewer

John Kupersmith

The Electronic Library


Volume 27 number 3
Multipurpose community telecentres in Bangladesh: problems and prospects
Md. Shariful Islam and Md. Nazmul Hasan

Highly commended

Volume 27 number 2
System architecture of Library 2.0
Xinya Yang, Qunyi Wei and Xiaodong Peng

Volume 27 number 5
Semantic navigating an OPAC by subject headings meta-information
Ioannis Papadakis, Michalis Stefanidakis and Aikaterini Tzali

Volume 27 number 4
Ubiquitous library usability test for the improvement of information access for the blind
Seung-Jin Kwak and Kyung-Jae Bae

Outstanding reviewers

Nancy K Herther
Professor Ina Fourie