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Awards for Excellence - 2009

Outstanding Papers - Library Studies

Award journal index

Aslib Proceedings


Volume 60 number 1
A bibliometric analysis of the literature of chemoinformatics
Peter Willett

Collection Building


Volume 27 number 3
Selection criteria for academic video game collections
Elizabeth Tappeiner and Catherine Lyons

Highly commended

Volume 27 number 4
An inductive evaluation of a public library GLBT collection
Eleanor Moss

Volume 27 number 1
Percentage based allocation of an academic library materials budget
Debbi A. Smith

Volume 27 number 4
Indicators for collection evaluation: a new dimensional framework
Jacqueline Borin and Hua Yi

Outstanding reviewer

Gregory Crawford

Information Technology & People


Volume 21 number 2
A social representations perspective on information systems implementation Rethinking the concept of
Uri Gal and Nicholas Berente

Highly commended

Volume 21 number 1
Mobilization of software developers: the free software movement
Margaret S. Elliott and Walt Scacchi

Volume 21 number 2
Riding a hydra: Women ICT professionals' perceptions of working in the Australian ICT industry
Carolyn Timms, Colin Lankshear, Neil Anderson and Lyn Courtney

Volume 21 number 3
Inequality of what? Social exclusion in the e-society as capability deprivation
Yingqin Zheng and Geoff Walsham

Outstanding reviewers

Margunn Aanestad
Neil Doherty

Interlending & Document Supply


Volume 36 number 2
The legal problems of document supply by libraries: an international perspective
Harald Mueller

Highly commended

Volume 36 number 2
JSTOR and the changing digital landscape
Michael Spinella

Volume 36 number 4
Exploring the future of interlibrary loan: generalizing the experience of the University of Virginia, USA
Renee Reighart and Cyril Oberlander

Volume 36 number 3
Library Loans Online: a new channel for a traditional service in England
David Potts

International Journal of Web Information Systems


Volume 4 number 1
Algebra-based XQuery cardinality estimation
Sherif Sakr

Journal of Documentation


Volume 64 number 5
Credibility on the internet: shifting from authority to reliability
R. David Lankes

Highly commended

Volume 64 number 2
Yield sequences as journal attractivity indicators: 'paybacktimes' for Science and Nature
Liming Liang and Ronald Rousseau

Volume 64 number 1
Yield sequences as journal attractivity indicators: 'paybacktimes' for Science and Nature
Liming Liang and Ronald Rousseau

Library Management

The Alexander Wilson Award
Named after Alexander Wilson, Director-General of the British Library Reference Division from 1980 until his retirement in 1986. Before that he was Director of Cheshire Libraries and Museums, and Director of Libraries and Cultural Services in Dudley and Coventry.


Volume 29 number 6 and 7
Developing public library managers as leaders Evaluation of a national leadership development programme
Kerry Wilson and Sheila Corrall

Highly commended

Volume 29 number 4 and 5
A LIS collaboratory to bridge the research-practice gap
Marisa Ponti

Volume 29 number 1 and 2
Librarians do fly: strategies for staying aloft
Julie Parry

Volume 29 number 8 and 9
A study of success factors of resource sharing in Iranian academic libraries
Sirous Alidousti, Maryam Nazari and Mohammad Abooyee Ardakan

Library Review

R. D. MacLeod Award
Named after Library Review’s founding editor, Robert Duncan MacLeod (1885-1973). He founded Library Review in 1927 and remained editor until 1964, solely responsible for its establishment and development during those 36 years, encouraging many up-and-coming librarians, as well as publishing material from many of the profession’s prominent names.


Volume 57 number 8
The public library, exclusion and empathy: a literature review
Briony Birdi, Kerry Wilson and Joanne Cocker

Highly commended

Volume 57 number 7
Aligning library assessment processes to the library's service environment A conceptual model
Larry Nash White

Volume 57 number 3
Integrated access to cultural heritage resources through representation and alignment of controlled vocabularies
Antoine Isaac, Stefan Schlobach, Henk Matthezing and Claus Zinn

Volume 57 number 8
Students' attitudes towards e-books in a Scottish higher education institute: part 1
Noorhidawati Abdullah and Forbes Gibb

New Library World


Volume 109 number 9 and 10
Traditional use patterns? An analysis of high school students' use of libraries and information resources
Niels Ole Pors

Highly commended

Volume 109 number 1 and 2
Heuristic evaluation applied to library web services
Marjo-Riitta Aitta, Saana Kaleva and Terttu Kortelainen

Volume 109 number 5 and 6
Google Scholar and academic libraries: an update
Karen A. Hartman and Laura Bowering Mullen

Volume 109 number 7 and 8
Employees as customers judging quality: enhancing employee assessment
John B. Harer

OCLC Systems & Services


Volume 24 number 4
The African Elephant a digital collection of anatomical sketches as part of the University of Pretoria's Institutional Repository
Amelia Breytenbach and Ria Groenewald

Highly commended

Volume 24 number 1
ePrints@IISc: India's first and fastest growing institutional repository
Francis Jayakanth, Filbert Minj, Usha Silva and Sandhya Jagirdar

Volume 24 number 3
Where IR you? Using "open access" to extend the reach and richness of faculty research within a university
Plato L. Smith II

Volume 24 number 2
Bibliographic families and relationships among family members in COBIB
Marija Petek

Performance Measurements and Metrics


Volume 9 number 1
Telling the story Qualitative approaches to measuring the performance of emerging library services
Peter Brophy

Highly commended

Volume 9 number 2
An approach to evaluating Latin American university libraries
Ana Reyes Pacios and Nidia Lubisco

Volume 9 number 3
When the evidence is not enough Organizational factors that influence effective and successful library assessment
Steve Hiller, Martha Kyrillidou and Jim Self



Volume 42 number 1
Library and information resources and users of digital resources in the humanities
Claire Warwick, Melissa Terras, Isabel Galina, Paul Huntington and Nikoleta Pappa

Highly commended

Volume 42 number 4
An integrative model of 'information visibility' and 'information seeking' on the web
Yazdan Mansourian, Nigel Ford, Sheila Webber and Andrew Madden

Volume 42 number 2
An examination of automatic video retrieval technology on access to the contents of an historical video archive
Daniela Petrelli and Daniel Auld

Volume 42 number 2
Local studies collections online: an investigation in Irish public libraries
Lara Barry and Lucy A. Tedd

Outstanding reviewer

Martin Myhill

Reference Reviews

Best Electronic Reference Work

Volume 22 number 1
Encyclopaedia Judaica (2nd edition)
Published by Thomson Gale

Best Print Reference Work

Volume 22 number 1
The Oxford Companion to World Exploration
Published by Oxford University Press

Outstanding reviewer

Terry O'Brien

Reference Services Review


Volume 36 number 1
Comparison of Wikipedia and other encyclopedias for accuracy, breadth, and depth in historical articles
Lucy Holman Rector

Highly commended

Volume 36 number 1
Lessons from the academy: actuating active mass-class information literacy instruction
Mardi Chalmers

Volume 36 number 4
Values: the invisible 'ante' in information literacy learning?
Benjamin R. Harris

Volume 36 number 3
Mobile learning for the twenty-first century librarian
Jim Hahn

Outstanding reviewers

John Kupersmith
Cheryl LaGuardia

The Electronic Library


Volume 26 number 1
User diversity: as demonstrated by deep log analysis
David Nicholas, Paul Huntington and Hamid R. Jamali

Highly commended

Volume 26 number 6
Collaborative design: a learner-centered library planning approach
Mary M. Somerville and Lydia Collins

Volume 26 number 5
Diversification ... where libraries, riffraff and Crusty Demons meet!
Meg Bryant and Robyn Pengelly

Volume 26 number 6
A metadata manager's role in collaborative projects The Rutgers University Libraries experience
Li Sun

Outstanding reviewer

David Reid