Awards for Excellence - 2015

Outstanding Papers - Engineering

Award journal index

Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials


Volume 61 number 3
Electromagnetic corrosion control in water cooling systems
José Antônio da Cunha Ponciano Gomes, Eduardo Alencar de Souza

Highly commended

Volume 61 number 3
An experimental study on correlation between concrete resistivity and reinforcement corrosion rate
Shamsad Ahmad

Volume 61 number 2
Corrosion control of rusted carbon steel using hexametaphosphate and zinc sulfate in RO product water
Jianli Xie, Shun'an Cao, Li Yin, Jiayuan Hu

Assembly Automation

Gunter Wittenberg Award
Gunter Wittenberg (d. 1995), a dedicated engineer, who made his knowledge of assembly automation available in simple, clear and concise papers. He received the Nuffield Silver Medal for services to the Institute of Production Engineers. He worked for Amnesty International and charities, using his engineering skills in harnessing technical advances to help the disabled.


Volume 34 number 1
Shape memory technology for active assembly/disassembly: fundamentals, techniques and example applications
L. Sun, W.M. Huang, H.B. Lu, C.C. Wang, J.L. Zhang

Highly commended

Volume 34 number 2
Single camera-based synchronisation within a concept of robotic assembly in motion
Yu Cai, Robert Schmitt

Volume 34 number 3
Automatic disassembly navigation for accurate virtual assembly path planning
Wanbin Pan, Peng Du, Yigang Wang

Volume 34 number 2
A new methodology to evaluate the performance of physics simulation engines in haptic virtual assembly
James M. Ritchie, Theodore Lim, Hugo I. Medellin-Castillo, Germanico Gonzalez-Badillo, Samir Garbaya, Raymond C.W. Sung

Circuit World


Volume 40 number 3
Factors governing filling of blind via and through hole in electroplating
Miao Wu, Chengqiang Cui, Jing Wang

Highly commended

Volume 40 number 3
UV laser cutting of glass-epoxy material for opening flexible areas of rigid-flex PCB
Shouxu Wang, Zhihua Tao, Wei He, Shijing Chen, Yuanming Chen, Huan Xu, Li Feng

Volume 40 number 2
Effects of MnSO4 on microstructure and electrical resistance properties of electroless Ni?P thin-films and its application in embedded resistor inside PCB
Liyi Li, Wei He, Chia-Yun Chen, Zhihua Tao, Guoyun Zhou, C.P. Wong

Volume 40 number 4
Electroformed conductor patterns in electronics manufacturing
Satu Pasanen, Pekka Ruuskanen, Teija Laine-Ma, Mikko Karttunen

Engineering Computations


Volume 31 number 3
A two-step Taylor-Galerkin formulation for fast dynamics
Chun Hean Lee, Izian Abd. Karim, Javier Bonet, Antonio J. Gil

Highly commended

Volume 31 number 7
Adaptive discrete-continuous modeling of evolving discontinuities
Annika Sorg, Manfred Bischoff

Volume 31 number 4
Butterfly-effect for massively separated flows
Alexander Michailski, Rainald Lohner, Eberhard Haug, Dominic Britto

Industrial Lubrication and Tribology


Volume 66 number 2
Grease thixotropy: evaluation of grease microstructure change due to shear and relaxation
Sylwia Olsztyńska-Janus, Maciej Paszkowski

Highly commended

Volume 66 number 2
The influence of tool kinematics on surface texture, productivity, power and torque of normal honing
Damir Vrac, Pavel Kovac, Sebastian Balos, Leposava Sidjanin

Volume 66 number 1
A comparison of two minimum quantity lubrication delivery systems
Qian Zou, Jean M. Dasch, Sheri Kurgin, Daniel L. Simon, Gary C. Barber

Volume 66 number 3
Design and fast verification of pocket elliptical journal bearings
Fabrizio Stefani

Outstanding reviewers

Ertugrul Durak
Chen Guanci

Industrial Robot: An International Journal


Volume 41 number 4
Development of a multi-DOF prosthetic hand with intrinsic actuation, intuitive control and sensory feedback
Li Jiang, Hong Liu, Dapeng Yang, Shaowei Fan

Highly commended

Volume 41 number 6
Inexpensive spatial position system for the automation of inspection with mobile robots
Tariq Pervez Sattar, Mohammed Abdullah Al Rashed

Volume 41 number 1
Robust industrial robot real-time positioning system using VW-camera-space manipulation method
Dingbing Shi, Yong Liu, Steven Baard Skaar

Volume 41 number 3
Teleoperation of ABB industrial robots
Mohsen Moradi Dalvand, Saeid Nahavandi

International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology


Volume 26 number 5
Deformation similarity clustering based collision detection in clothing simulation
Li Jituo, Lu Guodong, Liu Jiongzhou

International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Cybernetics


Volume 7 number 3
A pediatric robotic thumb exoskeleton for at-home rehabilitation
Patrick Aubin, Kelsey Petersen, Hani Sallum, Conor Walsh, Annette Correia, Leia Stirling

Highly commended

Volume 7 number 2
Implicit memory-based technique in solving dynamic scheduling problems through Response Surface Methodology
Manuel Blanco Abello, Zbigniew Michalewicz

Volume 7 number 3
Characterizing the human-robot haptic dyad in robot therapy of stroke survivors
Jacopo Zenzeri, Valentina Squeri, Dalia De Santis, Pietro Morasso, Maura Casadio, Lorenzo Masia

Volume 7 number 1
Parallelization and sustainability of distributed genetic algorithms on many-core processors
Yuji Sato, Mikiko Sato

Outstanding reviewer

Yin Wang

International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow


Volume 24 number 7
On maximum achievable speeds for field solvers
Joseph D. Baum, Rainald Löhner

Highly commended

Volume 24 number 2
Numerical and analytical solutions for Falkner-Skan flow of MHD Oldroyd-B fluid
A. Alsaedi, S. Abbasbandy, T. Hayat, M.M. Rashidi

Volume 24 number 4
Numerical modeling of multiple length scales in thermal transport processes
Yogesh Jaluria, Professor Andrzej J. Nowak

Volume 24 number 3
Boundary layer flow near stagnation-points on a vertical surface with slip in the presence of transverse magnetic field
Ibrahim Yakubu Seini, Daniel Oluwole Makinde

Outstanding reviewers

S Abbasbandy
Daniel Makinde

International Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications


Volume 10 number 4
Heterogeneous transfer learning for activity recognition using heuristic search techniques
Diane J. Cook, Kyle Dillon Feuz

Highly commended

Volume 10 number 3
A duration-based online reminder system
Priyanka Chaurasia, Sally McClean, Chris D. Nugent, Bryan Scotney

Volume 10 number 2
On the application of Big Data in future large-scale intelligent Smart City installations
Gabriele Kotsis, Sylva Girtelschmid, Vikash Kumar, Matthias Steinbauer, Anna Fensel

Volume 10 number 1
A comparative study of the usability of touch-based and mouse-based interaction
Charlotte Travis, Pietro Murano

Outstanding reviewer

Liming Chen


Norbert Wiener Award
Named in memoriam and in recognition of the scientist who is regarded as the originator of the interscientific discipline of cybernetics. 1994 was the official centenary year.


Volume 43 number 3+4
Building a model of researching the sustainable entrepreneurship in the tourism sector
Katja Crnogaj, Miroslav Rebernik, Barbara Bradac Hojnik, Doris Omerzel Gomezelj

Highly commended

Volume 43 number 1
Using system dynamics to evaluate renewable electricity development in Malaysia
Razman bin Mat Tahar, Salman Ahmad

Volume 43 number 9+10
Applying cybernetic thinking to becoming a learning organization
Kesiena Mercy Clement-Okooboh, Bill Olivier

Volume 43 number 2
Recent achievements in bionic implementations of insect structure and functions
Li Xu, Wei Xiang, Jing Liu, Chao Liu

Outstanding reviewers

Larry Richards
Orcan Alpar

Pigment & Resin Technology


Volume 43 number 4
Optimising the process for production of high performance bagasse-based composites from rice bran-UF adhesive system
Houssni El-Saied, Altaf H. Basta, Emad M. Deffallah

Volume 43 number 1
Carbon-based reinforcement in shape-memory polymer composite for electrical actuation
Haibao Lu, Yongtao Yao, Long Lin

Highly commended

Volume 43 number 4
Surface modification of iron oxide (Fe2O3) pigment particles with amino-functional polysiloxane for improved dispersion stability and hydrophobicity
Daniele L. Marchisio, Sushilkumar A. Jadhav, Christian Egger, Roberta Bongiovanni, Daniela Fontana

Volume 43 number 6
Preparation of a low contact angle water-based coating using ultrasonic irradiation
L. Weng, W.W. Cui, X.R. Zhang, J.F. Li, L.Z. Liu

Volume 43 number 3
A new single step synthesis of copper phthalocyanine green using microwave irradiation effects in functionalisation of C?H bonds in aromatic rings
Gholamreza Mahdavinia, Behnam Seyyedi, Maryam Seyyedi, Mohammad Edrisi

Outstanding reviewers

Lijun Chen
Ramesh Kasi

Rapid Prototyping Journal


Volume 20 number 4
Continuous 3D-printing for additive manufacturing
Daniel Günther, Bastian Heymel, Johannes Franz Günther, Ingo Ederer

Highly commended

Volume 20 number 5
An integrated decision-making model for multi-attributes decision-making (MADM) problems in additive manufacturing process planning
Alain Bernard, Yicha Zhang

Volume 20 number 6
Environmental impact modeling of selective laser sintering processes
Renaldi Renaldi, Jean-pierre Kruth, Karel Kellens, Wim Dewulf, Joost R. Duflou

Outstanding reviewer

Khalid Elghany

Sensor Review

Jack Hollingum Award
Named after Jack Hollingum, who was one of the founding editors of Sensor Review as well as of our sister journals Assembly Automation and Industrial Robot. Over the years he wrote countless articles and remained a regular contributor right up to having a stroke in April 2001.


Volume 34 number 1
Automatic measuring and processing system of audio sensing for real-time arc height control of pulsed GTAW
Na Lv, Jiyong Zhong, Jifeng Wang, Shanben Chen

Highly commended

Volume 34 number 4
Flexible biosensor using inkjet printing of silver nanoparticles
Ali Benvidi, Vahid Mottaghitalab, Zahra Abadi, Mansour Bidoki

Volume 34 number 2
Microwave sensors for the non-invasive monitoring of industrial and medical applications
O. Korostynska, A. Mason, A. Al-Shamma'a

Volume 34 number 2
Embedded carbon nanotube thread piezoresistive strain sensor performance
Vesselin Shanov, Yi Song, Mark Schulz, Adam Hehr

Soldering & Surface Mount Technology


Volume 26 number 1
Reliability investigations for high temperature interconnects
Rainer Dudek, Andreas Fix, Joerg Trodler, Peter Sommer, Bernd Michel, Sven Rzepka

Highly commended

Volume 26 number 1
Characterization of nano-enhanced interconnect materials for fine pitch assembly
Janusz Sitek, Lilei Ye, Marek Koscielski, Johan Liu, Yan Zhang, Shiwei Ma, Jing-yu Fan