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Awards for Excellence - 2014

Outstanding Papers - Engineering

Award journal index

Assembly Automation

Gunter Wittenberg Award
Gunter Wittenberg (d. 1995), a dedicated engineer, who made his knowledge of assembly automation available in simple, clear and concise papers. He received the Nuffield Silver Medal for services to the Institute of Production Engineers. He worked for Amnesty International and charities, using his engineering skills in harnessing technical advances to help the disabled.


Volume 33 number 3
3D vision based quality inspection with computational intelligence
Quan Yu, Kesheng Wang

Highly commended

Volume 33 number 1
Fully flexible assembly systems (F-FAS): a new concept in flexible automation
Giulio Rosati, Maurizio Faccio, Andrea Carli, Aldo Rossi

Volume 33 number 1
An automatic optical inspection system for measuring a microlens array with an optical interferometric microscope and genetic algorithm
Shih-Wei Yang, Chern-Sheng Lin, Shir-Kuan Lin, Shu-Hsien Fu, Mau-Shiun Yeh

Volume 33 number 2
Auto body taillight assembly modeling and fitting variation induced by tighten-up sequence analyzing
Hua Wang, Xiang Gao

Outstanding reviewer

Dr Hui Cheng

Circuit World


Volume 39 number 3
PCB failure analysis related to the ENIG black pad problem
Rimantas Ramanauskas, Algirdas Selskis, Jurga Juodkazyte, Vitalija Jasulaitiene

Highly commended

Volume 39 number 2
PCB base material qualifications: discrepancies between supplier recommendations, customer expectations and reality
Sylvia Ehrler

Volume 39 number 2
Experimental investigation of microdrilling of printed circuit board
Xiaohu Zheng, Zhiqiang Liu, Qinglong An, Xibin Wang, Zongwei Xu, Ming Chen

Engineering Computations


Volume 30 number 2
A fast and accurate method to solve the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
Sergio Rodolfo Idelsohn, Norberto Marcelo Nigro, Juan Marcelo Gimenez, Riccardo Rossi, Julio Marcelo Marti

Highly commended

Volume 30 number 2
Prediction of industrial, biophysical and extreme geophysical flows using particle methods
Paul W. Cleary, Raymond C.Z. Cohen, Simon M. Harrison, Matthew D. Sinnott, Mahesh Prakash, Stuart Mead

Volume 30 number 5
Thermo-hygro-mechanical meso-scale analysis of concrete as a viscoelastic-damaged material
Giovanna Xotta, Valentina A. Salomoni, Carmelo E. Majorana

Industrial Robot: An International Journal


Volume 40 number 3
DROP: the Durable Reconnaissance and Observation Platform
Aaron Parness, Clifford McKenzie

Highly commended

Volume 40 number 3
Towards an autonomous indoor aerial inspection vehicle
Stefan Winkvist, Emma Rushforth, Ken Young

Volume 40 number 4
SwarmItFIX: a multi-robot-based reconfigurable fixture
Luis de Leonardo, Matteo Zoppi, Li Xiong, Dimiter Zlatanov, Rezia M. Molfino

Volume 40 number 5
Characterization and experimental evaluation of gear transmission errors in an industrial robot
Mohamed Slamani, Ilian A. Bonev

Outstanding reviewer

Professor Giovanni Muscato

International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology


Volume 25 number 6
Experimental investigation on the surface humidity of fabric during the process of dynamic moisture liberation
Wenbin Li, Peiqing Jiang, Xin Wang, GaoWen Li, Weilin Xu

International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Cybernetics


Volume 6 number 2
Equidistance target-following controller for underactuated autonomous underwater vehicles
Behzad Taheri, Edmond Richer

Highly commended

Volume 6 number 2
Image segmentation based on differential immune clone clustering algorithm
Feifei Ti, Licheng Jiao, Congling Li, Wenping Ma

Volume 6 number 4
Identification of a dynamic model for shape memory alloy actuator using Hammerstein-Wiener Gray Box and Mutable Smart Bee Algorithm.
Ahmad Mozaffari, Alireza Fathi

Volume 6 number 2
Decentralized observers for a class of large-scale singular systems via LMI
Mohamed Darouach, Hassani Messaoud, Laatifa Baddas, Mejda Mansouri

Outstanding reviewer

Delin Luo

International Journal of Intelligent Unmanned Systems


Volume 1 number 2
Towards autonomous localization and mapping of AUVs: a survey
Ling Chen, Sen Wang, Klaus McDonald-Maier, Huosheng Hu

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Rini Akmeliawati
Professor Hoon-Cheol Park

International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow


Volume 23 number 1
Solution of a low Prandtl number natural convection benchmark by a local meshless method
Gregor Kosec, Bo

Highly commended

Volume 23 number 1
Loss of monotonicity and anomalous scaling behavior in the passive scalar gradient: A DNS study on causes of intermittency
Ivan Langella, Carlo Scalo, Giuseppe De Felice, Carlo Meola

Volume 23 number 6
Predictions of round impinging jet heat transfer with two k-? hybrid RANS/LES models
Slawomir Kubacki, Jacek Rokicki, Erik Dick

Volume 23 number 8
Effects of viscous dissipation and Newtonian heating on boundary-layer flow of nanofluids over a flat plate
Oluwole Daniel Makinde

Outstanding reviewers

Professor Andrew J Nowak
Professor Nicola Massarotti

International Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications


Volume 9 number 1
Data confidentiality using fragmentation in cloud computing
Aleksandar Hudic, Shareeful Islam, Peter Kieseberg, Sylvi Rennert, Edgar R. Weippl

Highly commended

Volume 9 number 2
A scheduling method for heterogeneous clients on media data broadcasting
Yusuke Gotoh, Tomoki Yoshihisa, Hideo Taniguchi, Masanori Kanazawa

Volume 9 number 3
Creative and innovative e-learning using interactive storytelling
Asmaa Alsumait, Zahraa S. Al-Musawi

Volume 9 number 4
High-level geospatial information discovery and fusion for geocoded multimedia
Andrew Ennis, Liming Chen, Chris D. Nugent, George Ioannidis, Alexandru Stan


Norbert Wiener Award
Named in memoriam and in recognition of the scientist who is regarded as the originator of the interscientific discipline of cybernetics. 1994 was the official centenary year.


Volume 42 number 8
The pragmatics and aesthetics of knowing: implications for online education
Jocelyn Chapman

Highly commended

Volume 42 number 6
The project of general systemology"" instigated by Ludwig von Bertalanffy: Genealogy, genesis, reception and advancement"
David Pouvreau

Volume 42 number 4
Complexity and intellectual capital in organisations
Mario Iv

Volume 42 number 9
The root and responsibility model: a framework for ethical consumption
Philip Baron

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Adewumi Oluyinka Aderemi
Ozan Cakir

Pigment & Resin Technology


Volume 42 number 4
Review of chemo-responsive shape change/memory polymers
H.B. Lu, W.M. Huang, Y.T. Yao

Highly commended

Volume 42 number 3
Photo-crosslinkable NIR-absorbing window with environmental stability
Hyunmin Hwang, Moon Sung Kang, Jong Hun Han, Kwonwoo Shin, Jeong Ho Cho

Volume 42 number 3
Effect of annealing on photochromic performance of (E)-dicyclopropylmethylene-(2, 5-dimethyl-3-furylethylidene)-succinicanhydride doped in polyacrylic acid thin film
Abdullah M. Asiri, Khalid A. Alamry, Mahmoud A. Hussein

Volume 42 number 6
Synthesis, characterisation and optical band gap of Cr1.3Fe0.7O3 nanopigments
Morteza Enhessari

Rapid Prototyping Journal


Volume 19 number 5
Additive manufacturing (AM) and nanotechnology: promises and challenges
Olga Ivanova, Christopher Williams, Thomas Campbell

Highly commended

Volume 19 number 3
Additive manufactured textiles for high-performance stab resistant applications
Andrew Johnson, Guy A. Bingham, David I. Wimpenny

Volume 19 number 5
Production of customized hip stem prostheses - a comparison between conventional machining and electron beam melting (EBM)
Marie Cronsk

Outstanding reviewer

Emanuele Magalini

Sensor Review

Jack Hollingum Award
Named after Jack Hollingum, who was one of the founding editors of Sensor Review as well as of our sister journals Assembly Automation and Industrial Robot. Over the years he wrote countless articles and remained a regular contributor right up to having a stroke in April 2001.


Volume 33 number 3
Affordable simultaneous hyperspectral imaging
Hamed Hamid Muhammed

Highly commended

Volume 33 number 1
Intensity-modulated fiber optic sensor for health monitoring applications: a comparative review
Mohd Anwar Zawawi, Sinead O'Keffe, Elfed Lewis

Volume 33 number 2
New methodologies for precise building boundary extraction from LiDAR data and high resolution image
Hui Li, Cheng Zhong, Xiaoguang Hu, Long Xiao, Xianfeng Huang

Volume 33 number 4
A novel E-shaped coil for eddy current testing
Deboshree Roy, Balbhadra Kumar Kaushik, Rakesh Chakraborty

Outstanding reviewer

Dr Zhou Gaofeng

Soldering & Surface Mount Technology


Volume 25 number 2
Electrodeposition of lead-free solder alloys
Yingxin Goh, A.S.M.A. Haseeb, Mohd Faizul Mohd Sabri

Highly commended

Volume 25 number 4
Cu filling of TSV using various current forms for three-dimensional packaging application
Myong-Hoon Roh, Jun-Hyeong Lee, Wonjoong Kim, Jea Pil Jung

Volume 25 number 4
A review: influence of nano particles reinforced on solder alloy
Ervina Efzan Mhd Noor, Amares Singh, Yap Tze Chuan

Volume 25 number 3
Comparison study of SAC405 and SAC405+0.1%Al lead free solders
Roman Kolen