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Awards for Excellence - 2012

Outstanding Papers - Public Policy & Environmental Management

Award journal index

British Food Journal


Volume 113 number 7
Where innovation processes make a difference in products' short- and long-term market success
Christien M. Enzing, Maarten H. Batterink, Felix H.A. Janszen and S.W.F. (Onno) Omta

Highly commended

Volume 113 number 7
Shopping for tomorrow: promoting sustainable consumption within food stores
Peter Jones, David Hillier and Daphne Comfort

Volume 113 number 11
The influence of subjective and objective knowledge on attitude, motivations and consumption of organic food
Joris Aertsens, Koen Mondelaers, Wim Verbeke and Jeroen Buysse, Guido Van Huylenbroeck

Volume 113 number 10
The relative importance of brand-packaging, price and taste in affecting brand preferences
Jose Luis Mendez, Javier Oubina and Natalia Rubio

Outstanding reviewers

Marija Cerjak
Heather Hartwell

Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal


Volume 20 number 1
Disempowerment through disconnection: Local women's disaster response and international relief in post-tsunami Batticaloa
Kristin S. Scharffscher

Highly commended

Volume 20 number 1
Challenges of disaster vulnerability reduction in Lagos Megacity Area, Nigeria
Eziyi Offia Ibem

Volume 20 number 4
Whose risks? Gender and the ranking of hazards
Per Becker

Volume 20 number 5
Social supremacy and its role in local level disaster mitigation planning in Bangladesh
Bishawjit Mallick and Joachim Vogt

International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management


Volume 3 number 3
Determinants of cities' GHG emissions: a comparison of seven global cities
Edoardo Croci, Sabrina Melandri and Tania Molteni

Highly commended

Volume 3 number 4
Climate change and runoff from agricultural catchments in Norway
Johannes Deelstra, Lillian Oygarden, Anne-Grete B. Blankenberg and Hans Olav Eggestad

Volume 3 number 2
A GIS-based climate change adaptation strategy tool
De Li Liu, Bertrand Timbal, Jianhua Mo and Helen Fairweather

Volume 3 number 4
Preparations for climate change's influences on cultural heritage
Annika Haugen and Johan Mattsson

Outstanding reviewer

Dr Abul Quasem Al-Amin

International Journal of Energy Sector Management


Volume 5 number 4
A stochastic optimisation framework for analysing economic returns and risk distribution in the LNG business
Haydn I. Furlonge

Highly commended

Volume 5 number 2
Green energy sources (GES) selection based on multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA)
Asim Datta, Amitava Ray, Gautam Bhattacharya and Hiranmay Saha

Volume 5 number 1
Technological risk: a criterion for the optimisation of future EU energy supply scenarios
Andrea Carpignano, Chiara Nironi and Francesco Ganci

Volume 5 number 3
A framework for equitable apportionment of emission reduction commitments to mitigate global warming
Joy P. Vazhayil, Vinod K. Sharma and R. Balasubramanian

Outstanding reviewers

Professor Turgul Diam
Professor Kathleen Arano

Journal of Science and Technology Policy in China


Volume 2 number 3
Open innovation in China: policies and practices
Xiaolan Fu and Hongru Xiong

Highly commended

Volume 2 number 1
Academician to entrepreneur: Impact of globalization on science and technology policies in China and India
V.P. Kharbanda

Volume 2 number 2
Technology transfer in China: literature review and policy implications
Leong Chan and Tugrul U. Daim

Outstanding reviewer

Dr Jingjing Guo

Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal


Volume 22 number 6
Environmental assessment and sustainable management options of leachate and landfill gas treatment in Estonian municipal waste landfills
Viktoria Voronova, Harri Moora and Enn Loigu

Highly commended

Volume 22 number 4
A process directed towards sustainable business operations and a model for improving the GWP-footprint (CO2e) on Earth
G??ran Svensson and Beverly Wagner

Volume 22 number 5
Industrial hazardous waste in the framework of EU and international legislation
Vassilis J. Inglezakis and Antonis Zorpas

Volume 22 number 4
Investigating the determinants of recycling behaviour in Malta
Frank H. Bezzina and Stephen Dimech

Outstanding reviewer

Professor Joost Platje

Nutrition & Food Science


Volume 41 number 5
Dietary approaches for polycystic ovary syndrome
Antoine G. Farhat, Marisa B. Mansour and Remi W. Attieh

Highly commended

Volume 41 number 5
Baby boomers' desires for future health and food services
Tony Worsley, Wei Wang and Wendy Hunter

Volume 41 number 1
The role of Mediterranean diet in health and disease: an updated mini review
Maria Karampola, Dimitrios Papandreou and Kelly Makedou

Volume 41 number 3
Consumption of Fairtrade products in a municipal catering organisation
Irma Tikkanen and Tiina Varkoi