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Awards for Excellence - 2010

Outstanding Papers - Public Policy & Environmental Management

Award journal index

British Food Journal


Volume 111 number 3
Linking perception of health-promoting food attributes to tangible product characteristics
Siet Sijtsema, Gé Backus, Anita Linnemann and Wim Jongen

Highly commended

Volume 111 number 1
Development of the grocery retail market in China: A qualitative study of how foreign and domestic retailers seek to increase market share
Martin Hingley, Adam Lindgreen and Lan Chen

Volume 111 number 7
Acceptance of nanotechnology foods: a conjoint study examining consumers' willingness to buy
Michael Siegrist, Nathalie Stampfli and Hans Kastenholz

Volume 111 number 10
A meta-analysis of the differences in environmental impacts between organic and conventional farming
Koen Mondelaers, Joris Aertsens and Guido Van Huylenbroeck

Outstanding reviewer

Dr Juan Antonio Aquirre

International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management


Volume 1 number 2
Climate change and water governance in Saskatchewan, Canada
Margot Hurlbert, Harry Diaz, Darrell R. Corkal and Jim Warren

Highly commended

Volume 1 number 1
Carbon accounting and carbon footprint
Mario Schmidt

Volume 1 number 1
An assessment of the principle of subsidiarity in urban planning to face climate change: The case of Martellago, Venice Province
Paola Minoia, Alessandro Calzavara, Loris Lovo and Gabriele Zanetto

Volume 1 number 3
Climates of the Arabian Peninsula
Vincent Kotwicki and Zaher Al Sulaimani

International Journal of Energy Sector Management


Volume 3 number 4
The value of unused interregional transmission: Estimating the opportunity cost for Quebec(Canada)
Pierre-Olivier Pineau and Vincent Lefebvre

Highly commended

Volume 3 number 2
Measurement of EU27 oil vulnerability
Christos V. Roupas, Alexandros Flamos and John Psarras

Volume 3 number 1
From command and control regulations to a business proposition: Creating a Chinese market for emissions trading
Qin Wang, Hui Gao, Fushuan Wen, Iain MacGill and Jiansheng Huang

Volume 3 number 3
Regional cooperation towards trans-country natural gas market: An economic assessment for India
P.R. Shukla and Subash Dhar

Management of Environmental Quality


Volume 20 number 1
An overview of forecast models evaluation for monitoring air quality management in the State of Texas, USA
A.B.M. Abdullah, David Mitchell and Robert Pavur

Highly commended

Volume 20 number 2
Assessment of institutional structures for solid waste management in Kumasi
Peter Appiah Obeng, Emmanuel A. Donkor and Anthony Mensah

Volume 20 number 4
Vulnerability of coastal urban settlements in Jamaica
Amani Ishemo

Volume 20 number 4
Better environmental performance: A framework for integrated management systems (IMS)
Alan Griffith and Khalid Bhutto

Nutrition & Food Science


Volume 39 number 6
Responding to eating disorders in sport
Alan Currie and Jeanette Crosland

Highly commended

Volume 39 number 4
Calcium, vitamin D, and bone health: how much do adults need?
John J.B. Anderson

Volume 39 number 2
Snack service model for a comprehensive school
Irma Tikkanen, Salla Honkanen and Sanna-Pauliina Salmela

Volume 39 number 1
Effects of wheat germ on a population of hyperlipidemic patients
Hamid Reza Zakeri, Asal Ataie Jafari, Mohammad Rajabi and Saeed Hosseini

Volume 39 number 6
Effects of low-fat and low-GI diets on health
Tanefa A. Apekey, Anne J.E. Morris, Shamusi Fagbemi and Graham J. Griffiths

Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy


Volume 3 number 3
Investigating the importance of factors influencing integration technologies adoption in local government authorities
Muhammad Mustafa Kamal and Mohamed Alsudairi