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Awards for Excellence - 2009

Outstanding Papers - Public Policy & Environmental Management

Award journal index

British Food Journal


Volume 110 number 9
Impact of consumers' health beliefs, health involvement and risk perception on fish consumption: A study in five European countries
Zuzanna Pieniak, Wim Verbeke, Joachim Scholderer, Karen Bruns

Highly commended

Volume 110 number 9
Do 'good' food products make others look 'bad'? Spin-off effects of labels for sustainable food production in the consumer perception
Menno Binnekamp and Paul Ingenbleek

Outstanding reviewer

John Knight

International Journal of Energy Sector Management


Volume 2 number 2
Energy and climate policies to 2020: the impacts of the European 20/20/20 approach
Loreta Stankeviciute and Patrick Criqui

Highly commended

Volume 2 number 4
Price forecasting using wavelet transform and LSE based mixed model in Australian electricity market
S.K. Aggarwal, Lalit mohan Saini and Ashwani Kumar

Volume 2 number 4
A General Equilibrium Analysis of Potential Demand Side Management Programs in the Household Sector in Thailand
Govinda R. Timilsina and Ram Shrestha

Outstanding reviewer

Dr. Jason Anderson

Management of Environmental Quality


Volume 19 number 1
Land, conflict and community forestry in Fiji
Radhika Murti, Spike Boydell

Highly commended

Volume 19 number 2
Patterns of environmental management in the Chilean manufacturing industry: An empirical approach
María Teresa Ruiz‐Tagle

Volume 19 number 3
Planning and management of parks and green areas: The case of Bangalore metropolitan area
Krishne Gowda, M.V. Sridhara, S. Rajan

Volume 19 number 6
Managing Lake Kariba sustainably: threats and challenges
Michael James Tumbare

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Graham John Treloar
Mary Ann Curran

Nutrition & Food Science


Volume 38 number 6
Heartburn: influence of diet and lifestyle
Katie L. Oliver and G. Jill Davies

Highly commended

Volume 38 number 1
Food motivation: content analysis of Châtelaine women's magazine
Sima Hamadeh and Marie Marquis

Volume 38 number 1
Food safety behaviour in butchers' shops
Denise Worsfold

Volume 38 number 5
Balancing food allergy in schools and achieving the school food standards Can school vending help resolve the ensuing conflict?
Jennette Higgs

Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy


Volume 2 number 4
Government 2.0 An exploratory study of social networking services in Japanese local government
Alexander R.M. Schellong

Highly commended

Volume 2 number 2
Observations of the Scottish elections 2007
Russell Lock, Tim Storer, Natalie Harvey, Conrad Hughes and Ian Sommerville

Volume 2 number 3
Examining the antecedents and consequences of online satisfaction within the public sector: The case of taxation services
José Carlos Pinho, Isabel Maria Macedo

Volume 2 number 1
Public sector information system critical success factors
Kirsten M. Rosacker, David L. Olson

Outstanding reviewers

Lamar Carter
Khalil Khoumbati