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Awards for Excellence - 2009

Outstanding Papers - Health & Social Care

Award journal index

Health Education


Volume 108 number 4
Supporting children's emotional wellbeing and mental health in England: a review
Claire Maxwell, Peter Aggleton, Ian Warwick, Ekua Yankah, Vivian Hill and Dina Mehmedbegovic

Highly commended

Volume 108 number 1
Summer nights: a review of the evidence of seasonal variations in sexual health indicators among young people
Wendy Macdowall, Kaye Wellings, Judith Stephenson and Anna Glasier

Volume 108 number 5
Interruption and patient satisfaction in resident-patient consultations
Han Z. Li, Zhi Zhang, Young-Ok Yum, Juanita Lundgren and Jasrit S. Pahal

Volume 108 number 3
Decline but no fall? New millennium trends in young people's use of illegal and illicit drugs in Britain
Judith Aldridge

Outstanding reviewer

Dr Julian de Meyrick

International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance


Volume 21 number 1
Pessimism and hostility scores as predictors of patient satisfaction ratings by medical out-patients
Brian A. Costello, Thomas G. McLeod, G. Richard Locke III, Ross A. Dierkhising, Kenneth P. Offord and Robert C. Colligan

Highly commended

Volume 21 number 2
Predictors of 'quality of work' and 'poor health' among primary health-care personnel in Catalonia Evidence based on cross-sectional, retrospective and longitudinal design
Simon L. Dolan, Salvador García, Carmen Cabezas, Shay S. Tzafrir

Volume 21 number 5
The role of expectations in patients' hospital assessments: A Turkish university hospital example
Coskun Bakar, H. Seval Akgu

Volume 21 number 6
Under the knife: a national survey of six sigma programs in US healthcare organizations
Qianmei (May) Feng and Chris M. Manuel

Outstanding reviewer

Ian Callanan

Journal of Health Organization and Management


Volume 22 number 2
Re-connecting histories: modernity, managerialism and development
Sadhvi Dar

Highly commended

Volume 22 number 3
The entrepreneur: a new breed of health service leader?
Rosemary Exton

Volume 22 number 5
Lekking displays in contemporary organizations Ethologically oriented, evolutionary and cross-species accounts of male dominance
Jeffrey Braithwaite

Outstanding reviewers

Mark Learmonth
Ruth MacDonald

Leadership in Health Services


Volume 21 number 4
Learning and development dimensions of a pan-Canadian primary health care capacity-building project
Michael Aherne and Jos

Highly commended

Volume 21 number 1
L(H) ≠ Σ(m1, m2 … mn)
Jeffrey Braithwaite

Volume 21 number 4
Education for safe motherhood:a Save the Mothers' advocacy initiative
Jean Chamberlain and Susan Watt

Outstanding reviewers

Donna Dinkin
Sally Hayes

Nutrition & Food Science


Volume 38 number 6
Heartburn: influence of diet and lifestyle
Katie L. Oliver and G. Jill Davies

Highly commended

Volume 38 number 1
Food motivation: content analysis of Châtelaine women's magazine
Sima Hamadeh and Marie Marquis

Volume 38 number 1
Food safety behaviour in butchers' shops
Denise Worsfold

Volume 38 number 5
Balancing food allergy in schools and achieving the school food standards Can school vending help resolve the ensuing conflict?
Jennette Higgs



Volume 31 number 2
An analysis of alternatives to New York City's current marijuana arrest and detention policy
Bruce D. Johnson, Andrew Golub, Eloise Dunlap and Stephen J. Sifaneck

Highly commended

Volume 31 number 4
Alcohol and the police: an empirical examination of a widely-held assumption
Vicki Lindsay, William Banks Taylor and Kyna Shelley

Volume 31 number 2
Exploring the limits of collaboration in community policing A direct comparison of police and citizen views
John Liederbach, Eric J. Fritsch, David L. Carter and Andra Bannister

Volume 31 number 3
Differential perceptions of neighborhood problems by police and residents The impact of neighborhood-level characteristics
Ivan Y. Sun and Ruth A. Triplett

Outstanding reviewer

Dr. Carol Archbold