Awards for Excellence - 2015

Outstanding Papers - Tourism & Hospitality

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International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research


Volume 8 number 1
"This is a piece of coral received from captain Bob": meanings and functions of tourist souvenirs
Alain Decrop, Julie Masset

Highly commended

Volume 8 number 3
Understanding tourists
Defang Zhao, Ingrid Y. Lin

Volume 8 number 3
Hospitality processes through the lens of teleological actions
Carmen Padin, Goran Svensson

Volume 8 number 2
Examining a consumption values theory approach of young tourists toward destination choice intentions
Ian Phau, Vanessa Quintal, Tekle Shanka

Outstanding reviewers

Sameer Hosany
Antónia Correia

International Journal of Event and Festival Management


Volume 5 number 3
Integrating "self-efficacy" theory to the Motivation-Opportunity-Ability (MOA) model to reveal factors that influence inclusive engagement within local community festivals
Alan Clarke, Allan Jepson, Gillian Ragsdell

Highly commended

Volume 5 number 3
Factors explaining the use-value of sport event experiences
Tommy D. Andersson, John Armbrecht

Volume 5 number 1
Sense of community and perceptions of festival social impacts
Christine M. Van Winkle, Kyle M. Woosnam

Outstanding reviewer

Kirsten Holmes

Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal


Volume 4 number 1
An empirical assessment of factors affecting the brand-building effectiveness of sponsorship
Leah Donlan

Highly commended

Volume 4 number 2
Team brand extension or licensed product? Examining consumer awareness of two distinct brand strategies
Adia Waldburger, Patrick Walsh, Antonio Williams, Isabell Rhenwrick

Outstanding reviewers

Kate Westberg
Michael Goldman

Tourism Review


Volume 69 number 4
Hotel discount strategies on consumer responses: the role of involvement
Seung Hyun Lee, Billy Bai

Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes


Volume 6 number 3
Cultural heritage tourism on Peru's north coast
Natalie M. Underberg-Goode

Highly commended

Volume 6 number 4
Emerging trends regarding accessible accommodation in Dubai luxury hotels
Scholah Kazi, Stephanie Morris

Volume 6 number 1
A survey of social entrepreneurial community-based hospitality and tourism initiatives in developing economies
Claudia Simons-Kaufmann, Philip Sloan, Willy Legrand, Maureen Brookes, Levent Altinay, Kate Ringham

Volume 6 number 5
Did the context of economic crisis affect the image of Portugal as a tourist destination?
Adolfo Mesquita Nunes