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Awards for Excellence - 2013

Outstanding Papers - Operations, Logistics & Quality

Award journal index

American Journal of Business


Volume 2 number 27
Six Sigma sales and marketing: application to NCAA basketball
Peter A. Salzarulo, Timothy C. Krehbiel, Stephen Mahar, Lance S. Emerson

Baltic Journal of Management


Volume 4 number 7
A conceptual framework for the measurement of innovation capability and its effects
Minna Saunila, Juhani Ukko

Highly commended

Volume 4 number 7
Influence of strategic approach to BPM on financial and non-financial performance
Tomislav Hernaus, Mirjana Pejic Bach, Vesna Bosilj Vukšic

Volume 3 number 7
The role of management in tackling corruption
Mari-Liis Sööt

Volume 1 number 7
The role of personality traits, work motivation and organizational safety climate in risky occupational performance of professional drivers
Laura Seibokaite, Aukse Endriulaitiene

EuroMed Journal of Business


Volume 1 number 7
An evaluation of the use of competencies in human resource development - a historical and contemporary recontextualisation
Peter Stokes, Ewan Oiry

Highly commended

Volume 1 number 7
An extension of TAM model with IDT and security/privacy risk in the adoption of internet banking services in Greece
Apostolos N. Giovanis, Spyridon Binioris, George Polychronopoulos

Volume 2 number 7
Employee attitudes toward organizational change in the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility in the Gaza Strip
Majed M. El-Farra, Mohammed B. Badawi

Volume 3 number 7
The Portuguese online wine buying consumer: Characteristics, motivations and behaviour
José Freitas Santos, José Cadima Ribeiro

Industrial Management & Data Systems


Volume 8 number 112
Green supply chain management and organizational performance
Sang M. Lee, Sung Tae Kim, Donghyun Choi

Highly commended

Volume 8 number 112
Agent based decision support in the supply chain context
Per Hilletofth, Lauri Lättilä

International Journal of Lean Six Sigma


Volume 3 number 3
Deploying LSS in a global enterprise - project identification
Brett Duarte, Douglas Montgomery, John Fowler, John Konopka

Highly commended

Volume 1 number 3
Design for Six Sigma and lean product development
Ida Gremyr, Jean-Baptiste Fouquet

Volume 4 number 3
The development of a value improvement model for repetitive processes (VIM): Combining Lean, Six Sigma and systems thinking
Paul Martin Gibbons, Colin Kennedy, Stuart Burgess, Patrick Godfrey

Volume 2 number 3
Four decades of lean: a systematic literature review
Kyle B. Stone

International Journal of Managing Projects in Business


Volume 4 number 5
Insights for the governance of large projects: Analysis of Organization Theory and Project Management: Administering Uncertainty in Norwegian Offshore Oil by Stinchcombe and Heimer
Tuomas Ahola, Andrew Davies

Highly commended

Volume 3 number 5
Relevance lost! A critical review of project management standardisation
Markus Hällgren, Andreas Nilsson, Tomas Blomquist, Anders Söderholm

Volume 3 number 5
Chaperoning: practices of collaboration in the Panama Canal Expansion Program
Karen Smits, Alfons van Marrewijk

Volume 2 number 5
The paradox of risk management; a project management practice perspective
Claude Besner, Brian Hobbs

International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management


Volume 1 number 40
Store experience and co-creation: the case of temporary shop
Tiziana Russo Spena, Angela Caridà, Maria Colurcio, Monia Melia

Highly commended

Volume 2 number 40
The role of ideology in brand strategy: the case of a food retail company in Italy
Silvia Massa, Stefania Testa

Volume 4 number 40
Sustainability in retailing - a summative content analysis
Anne Wiese, Julian Kellner, Britta Lietke, Waldemar Toporowski, Stephan Zielke

Volume 4 number 40
Consumer trust in food retailers: conceptual framework and empirical evidence
Linn Viktoria Rampl, Tim Eberhardt, Reinhard Schütte, Peter Kenning

Journal of Advances in Management Research


Volume 2 number 9
System dynamics investigation of information technology in small and medium enterprise supply chain
Atul Sidola, Pradeep Kumar, Dinesh Kumar

Highly commended

Volume 1 number 9
Sustaining small businesses in the United States in times of recession: Role of supply networks and social capital
Sameer Prasad, Jasmine Tata, Xuguang Guo

Volume 1 number 9
Evaluation of customer's mall preferences in India using fuzzy AHP approach
Madhurima Deb

Volume 1 number 9
Capital budgeting decisions: evidence from India
Shveta Singh, P.K. Jain, Surendra S. Yadav

Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Volume 2 number 2
A meta-analysis of humanitarian logistics research
Nathan Kunz, Gerald Reiner

Highly commended

Volume 1 number 2
Agile and lean principles in the humanitarian supply chain: The case of the United Nations World Food Programme
Alessandra Cozzolino, Silvia Rossi, Alessio Conforti

Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management

Dr Theo Williamson Award
Named after Dr Theo Williamson, who died in May 1992. He was Director of R&D at Molins plc and subsequently became Group Director at Rank Xerox. He was one of the great engineering innovators of his time and is probably best known for his work in developing System 24, acknowledged by the US Patent Office as the world’s first integrated flexible manufacturing system.


Volume 4 number 23
Shop floor manufacturing technology adoption decisions: An application of the theory of planned behavior
Thomas V. Scannell, Roger J. Calantone, Steven A. Melnyk

Highly commended

Volume 1 number 23
Fit manufacturing: a framework for sustainability
Duc T. Pham, Andrew J. Thomas

Volume 8 number 23
A model to determine complexity in supply networks
Markus Gerschberger, Corinna Engelhardt-Nowitzki, Sebastian Kummer, Franz Staberhofer

Volume 8 number 23
Towards the explanation of goal-oriented and opportunity-based networks of organizations
Jens Eschenbächer, Novica Zarvic

Journal of Modelling in Management


Volume 2 number 7
Enriching descriptive information in ranking and sorting problems with visualizations techniques
Philippe Nemery, Alessio Ishizaka, Mauricio Camargo, Laure Morel

Highly commended

Volume 3 number 7
Confidence and supply chain disruptions: Insights into managerial decision-making from the perspective of policy
Harri Lorentz, Olli-Pekka Hilmola

Volume 3 number 7
A simulation study of a new rate-and-queue-based active queue management algorithm
Ali Asghar Jomah Adham, Razman Mat Tahar

Journal of Organizational Ethnography


Volume 1 number 1
Ethnography in evolution: adapting to the animal "other" in organizations
Lindsay Hamilton, Nik Taylor

Highly commended

Volume 1 number 1
Making organisational ethnography
Tony J. Watson

Volume 1 number 1
Organizational ethnography between toolbox and world-making
Dvora Yanow

Volume 1 number 1
Being there, teleography and The Wire
Martin Parker

Journal of Service Management


Volume 1 number 23
EXQ: a multiple-item scale for assessing service experience
Philipp "Phil"

Highly commended

Volume 2 number 23
Waiting for service at the checkout: Negative emotional responses, store image and overall satisfaction
Allard C.R. van Riel, Janjaap Semeijn, Dina Ribbink, Yvette Bomert-Peters

Volume 3 number 23
Customer co-creation in service innovation: a matter of communication?
Anders Gustafsson, Per Kristensson, Lars Witell

Volume 2 number 23
Coping with customer aggression
Ruhama Goussinsky

Volume 5 number 23
Shaping, organizing, and rethinking service innovation: a multidimensional framework
Luis Rubalcaba, Stefan Michel, Jon Sundbo, Stephen W. Brown, Javier Reynoso

Management Research Review


Volume 7 number 35
Is telework effective for organizations?: A meta-analysis of empirical research on perceptions of telework and organizational outcomes
Brittany Harker Martin, Rhiannon MacDonnell

Highly commended

Volume 9 number 35
Are social media replacing traditional media in terms of brand equity creation?
Manfred Bruhn, Verena Schoenmueller, Daniela B. Schäfer

Volume 2 number 35
Capital structure theory and new technology firms: is there a match?
Susan Coleman, Alicia Robb

Volume 2 number 35
Investigating reverse causality between human resource management policies and organizational performance in small firms
Anastasia A. Katou

Managing Service Quality


Volume 5 number 22
Using a business game concept to enhance servitization: a longitudinal case study
Teemu Laine, Jari Paranko, Petri Suomala

Highly commended

Volume 2 number 22
Self-service technology complaint channel choice: Exploring consumers' motives
Nichola Robertson

Volume 2 number 22
Service environment, provider mood, and provider-customer interaction
Kendra Fowler, Eileen Bridges

Volume 3 number 22
Organizational adoption of new service development tools
Dayu Jin, Kah-Hin Chai, Kay-Chuan Tan

Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management: An International Journal


Volume 1 number 7
Lessons from photoelicitation: encouraging working men to speak
Natasha Slutskaya, Alexander Simpson, Jason Hughes

Highly commended

Volume 3 number 7
Online exchanges among cancer patients and caregivers: Constructing and sharing health knowledge about time
Guendalina Graffigna, Chiara Libreri, Claudio Bosio

Volume 2 number 7
Looking desperately for courage or how to study a polysemic concept
Michelle Harbour, Veronika Kisfalvi

Supply Chain Management: An International Journal


Volume 5 number 17
Conducting content-analysis based literature reviews in supply chain management
Stefan Seuring, Stefan Gold

Highly commended

Volume 1 number 17
Sustainable supply chain management across the UK private sector
Helen Walker, Neil Jones

Volume 3 number 17
The influence of supply chain management competency on customer satisfaction and shareholder value
Alexander Ellinger, Hyunju Shin, William Magnus Northington, Frank G. Adams, Debra Hofman, Kevin O'Marah

Volume 6 number 17
The value of upstream recognition of goals in supply chains
Marian Oosterhuis, Taco van der Vaart, Eric Molleman

The TQM Journal


Volume 6 number 24
The impact of the recent banking crisis on customer loyalty in the banking sector: Developing versus developed countries
Lukasz Skowron, Kai Kristensen

Highly commended

Volume 4 number 24
Management responsibility for human errors
Jan M. Myszewski

Volume 1 number 24
Approach for measuring health-related quality management
Yvonne Lagrosen, Ingela Bäckström, Håkan Wiklund

Volume 1 number 24
A case study: Application of Six Sigma methodology in a small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprise
Prabhakar Kaushik, Dinesh Khanduja, Kapil Mittal, Pawan Jaglan