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Awards for Excellence - 2013

Outstanding Papers - Marketing

Award journal index

Arts Marketing: An International Journal


Volume 1 number 2
"Staging the past, enacting the present": Experiential marketing in the performing arts and heritage sectors
Tony Conway, Debra Leighton

Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics


Volume 5 number 24
Service quality in a higher education context: an integrated model
Parves Sultan, Ho Yin Wong

Corporate Communications: An International Journal


Volume 1 number 17
Exploring the logics of corporate brand identity formation
Anna Blombäck, Marcela Ramírez-Pasillas

Highly commended

Volume 1 number 17
Identity, image and stakeholder dialogue
Helena Kantanen

Volume 3 number 17
Hi fans! Tell us your story!: Incorporating a stewardship-based social media strategy to maintain brand reputation during a crisis
Simone Byrd

European Journal of Marketing


Volume 10 number 46
Pursuing "flexible commitment" as strategic ambidexterity: An empirical justification in high technology firms
Yiannis Kouropalatis, Paul Hughes, Robert E. Morgan

Highly commended

Volume 10 number 46
Strategic flexibilities and export performance: The moderating roles of export market-oriented behavior and the export environment
John W. Cadogan, Sanna Sundqvist, Kaisu Puumalainen, Risto T. Salminen

Volume 3 number 46
Do initial stock price reactions provide a good measurement stick for marketing strategies?: The case of new product introductions in the US
Dmitri G. Markovitch, Joel H. Steckel

Volume 11 number 46
Does rhetoric impact advertising effectiveness with liking controlled?
Bruce A. Huhmann, Pia A. Albinsson

International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing


Volume 4 number 6
Which factors drive product sales in OTC markets?
Monika Huber, Katrin Dippold, Rudolf Forsthofer

Highly commended

Volume 1 number 6
Differential effects of fear-eliciting DTCA on elaboration, perceived endorser credibility, and attitudes
Hyojin Kim, Chunsik Lee

Volume 3 number 6
Prescription drug request and denial
Doohee Lee, Dennis Emmett

International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management


Volume 1 number 40
Store experience and co-creation: the case of temporary shop
Tiziana Russo Spena, Angela Caridà, Maria Colurcio, Monia Melia

Highly commended

Volume 2 number 40
The role of ideology in brand strategy: the case of a food retail company in Italy
Silvia Massa, Stefania Testa

Volume 4 number 40
Sustainability in retailing - a summative content analysis
Anne Wiese, Julian Kellner, Britta Lietke, Waldemar Toporowski, Stephan Zielke

Volume 4 number 40
Consumer trust in food retailers: conceptual framework and empirical evidence
Linn Viktoria Rampl, Tim Eberhardt, Reinhard Schütte, Peter Kenning

International Journal of Wine Business Research


Volume 4 number 24
Terroir? That's not how I would describe it
Nathalie Spielmann, Claire Gélinas-Chebat

Highly commended

Volume 4 number 24
Conversion of local winery awareness: An exploratory study in visitor vs non-visitor attitude and perception
Kristen Riscinto-Kozub, Nancy Childs

Volume 3 number 24
Trust building in wine blogs: a content analysis
James D. Doyle, Louise A. Heslop, Alex Ramirez, David Cray, Anahit Armenakyan

Volume 3 number 24
Reading between the vines: analyzing the readability of consumer brand wine web sites
Adam J. Mills, Leyland Pitt, Setayesh Sattari

International Marketing Review


Volume 6 number 29
Influences of culture and market convergence on the international advertising strategies of multinational corporations in North America, Europe and Asia
Jing Jiang, Ran Wei

Highly commended

Volume 6 number 29
On the misuse of national culture dimensions
Paul Brewer, Sunil Venaik

Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing


Volume 7 number 27
Managerial action and resource-advantage theory: conceptual frameworks emanating from a positive theory of competition
Shelby D. Hunt, Sreedhar Madhavaram

Highly commended

Volume 5 number 27
Return on relationships: conceptual understanding and measurement of mutual gains from relational business engagements
Christian Grönroos, Pekka Helle

Volume 6 number 27
The effect of customer relationship management adoption in business-to-business markets
U. Zeynep Ata, Aysegul Toker

Volume 4 number 27
Strategic account management programs: alignment of design elements and management practices
Kaj Storbacka

Journal of Communication Management


Volume 1 number 16
The view from within: internal publics and CSR
Ganga Sasidharan Dhanesh

Highly commended

Volume 2 number 16
Kinship, culture and ethics in organisations: Exploring implications for internal communication
Elspeth N. Tilley, Susan M. Fredricks, Andrea Hornett

Volume 2 number 16
Best practices as an assessment for crisis communication
Shari R. Veil, Rebekah A. Husted

Volume 3 number 16
Amazon.com's Orwellian nightmare: exploring apology in an online environment
W. Timothy Coombs, Sherry J. Holladay

Journal of Consumer Marketing


Volume 1 number 29
Liminality and consumption in the aftermath of a natural disaster
Pamela A. Kennett-Hensel, Julie Z. Sneath, Russell Lacey

Highly commended

Volume 3 number 29
Dispelling the collective myth of Chinese consumers: a new generation of brand-conscious individualists
Lilly Ye, Mousumi Bose, Lou Pelton

Volume 3 number 29
Decomposition of cross-country differences in consumer attitudes toward marketing
Geng Cui, Hon-Kwong Lui, Tsang-Sing Chan, Annamma Joy

Volume 5 number 29
Examining world market segmentation and brand positioning strategies
Salah S. Hassan, Stephen Craft

Journal of Historical Research in Marketing


Volume 1 number 4
The evolution of conspicuous consumption
Georgios Patsiaouras, James A. Fitchett

Highly commended

Volume 3 number 4
A history of the concept of branding: practice and theory
Wilson Bastos, Sidney J. Levy

Volume 1 number 4
Early schools of marketing thought and marketplace evolution
Thomas L. Powers

Volume 1 number 4
Marketing education and acculturation in the early twentieth century: Evidence from Polish language texts on selling and salesmanship
Terrence H. Witkowski

Journal of Islamic Marketing


Volume 3 number 3
Muslim attitude and awareness towards Istihalah
Aadam T. Aris, Norhaznee M. Nor, Noor A. Febrianto, K.V. Harivaindaran, Tajul A. Yang

Highly commended

Volume 2 number 3
The BlackBerry veil: mobile use and privacy practices by young female Saudis
Sunila Lobo, Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood

Volume 3 number 3
Materialism in young consumers: An investigation of family communication patterns and parental mediation practices in Egypt
Hagar Adib, Noha El-Bassiouny

Volume 3 number 3
Principles in halal supply chain management
Marco Tieman, Jack G.A.J. van der Vorst, Maznah Che Ghazali

Journal of Product & Brand Management


Volume 3 number 21
Corporate branding and transformational leadership in turbulent times
Hans Ruediger Kaufmann, Demetris Vrontis, Michael Czinkota, Alvin Hadiono

Highly commended

Volume 2 number 21
Consumer reaction to new package design
Gary R. Holmes, Audhesh Paswan

Volume 3 number 21
Individual differences in consumer responses to traditional versus virtual concept testing
Ling Peng, Geng Cui, Chunyu Li

Volume 1 number 21
The role of brand image congruity in Chinese consumers' brand preference
Jing Hu, Xin Liu, Sijun Wang, Zhilin Yang

Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship


Volume 2 number 14
New approaches to heuristic processes and entrepreneurial cognition of the market
Simone Guercini

Highly commended

Volume 1 number 14
The entrepreneurial marketing domain: a citation and co-citation analysis
Sascha Kraus, Matthias Filser, Fabian Eggers, Gerald E. Hills, Claes M. Hultman

Volume 2 number 14
Entrepreneurial groups in Ireland and Wales: A preliminary typology of entrepreneurs using a marketing segmentation approach
David John Dowell, Chris Dawson, Nerys Fuller-Love, Benjamin Hopkins

Journal of Services Marketing


Volume 5 number 26
Time-of-day services marketing
Scott G. Dacko

Highly commended

Volume 2 number 26
Frequency of CRM implementation activities: a customer-centric view
Molan Kim, Jeong Eun Park, Alan J. Dubinsky, Seoil Chaiy

Volume 2 number 26
How customer voice contributes to stronger service provider relationships
Russell Lacey

Volume 6 number 26
The impact of unprofitable customer abandonment on current customers' exit, voice, and loyalty intentions: an empirical analysis
Michael Haenlein, Andreas M. Kaplan

Journal of Social Marketing


Volume 1 number 2
Macro-social marketing and social engineering: a systems approach
Ann-Marie Kennedy, Andrew Parsons

Highly commended

Volume 2 number 2
Transformative social marketing: co-creating the social marketing discipline and brand
R. Craig Lefebvre

Volume 3 number 2
Some reasonable but uncomfortable questions about social marketing
Fiona Spotswood, Jeff French, Alan Tapp, Martine Stead

Young Consumers: Insight and Ideas for Responsible Marketers


Volume 3 number 13
"BeTween two worlds": critically exploring marketing segmentation and liminal consumers
Kevina Cody