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Awards for Excellence - 2013

Outstanding Papers - Information & Knowledge Management

Award journal index

Electronic Library, The


Volume 1 number 30
Why and how can "sleeping beauties" be awakened?
Juncheng Wang, Feicheng Ma, Minjie Chen, Yiqing Rao

Highly commended

Volume 3 number 30
Developing a Taiwan library history digital library with reader knowledge archiving and sharing mechanisms based on the DSpace platform
Chih-Ming Chen, Yong-Ting Chen, Chin-Ming Hong, Chin-Wen Liao, Chia-Meng Huang

Volume 4 number 30
Exploring the affordance and acceptance of an e-reader device as a collaborative learning system
Boon-Chong Seet, Tiong-Thye Goh

Volume 5 number 30
Metacognition and web credibility
Andrew D. Madden, Nigel Ford, Genevieve Gorrell, Barry Eaglestone, Peter Holdridge

Industrial Management & Data Systems


Volume 8 number 112
Green supply chain management and organizational performance
Sang M. Lee, Sung Tae Kim, Donghyun Choi

Highly commended

Volume 8 number 112
Agent based decision support in the supply chain context
Per Hilletofth, Lauri Lättilä



Volume 1 number 14
Corruption in telecommunications: problems and remedies
Ewan Sutherland

Highly commended

Volume 4 number 14
Investment models and regulatory constraints for broadband backbone roll-out in selected African countries
Enrico Calandro, Mpho Moyo

Volume 6 number 14
Clash of cultures - integrating copyright and consumer law
Natali Helberger, L. Guibault

Volume 6 number 14
Net neutrality and the value chain for video
Pieter Nooren, Andra Leurdijk, Nico van Eijk

Information Technology & People


Volume 3 number 25
Coordinating humanitarian information: The problem of organizational and technical trajectories
Andrea H. Tapia, Edgar Maldonado, Louis-Marie Ngamassi Tchouakeu, Carleen F. Maitland

Highly commended

Volume 4 number 25
Dimensions of employee privacy: an empirical study
Kirstie Ball, Elizabeth M. Daniel, Chris Stride

Volume 3 number 25
Sequential attrition of secondary school student interest in IT courses and careers
Catherine Lang

Volume 1 number 25
Professional commitment, organizational commitment, and the intention to leave for professional advancement: An empirical study on IT professionals
Vincent Cho, Xu Huang

International Journal of Web Information Systems


Volume 3 number 8
A survey on cloud-based sustainability governance systems
Hong-Linh Truong, Schahram Dustdar

Journal of Assistive Technologies


Volume 2 number 6
Reminders that make sense: designing multisensory notifications for the home
Marilyn R. McGee-Lennon

Highly commended

Volume 1 number 6
User requirements for an ICT-based system to provide care, support and information access for older people in the community
Simon Brownsell, Steven Blackburn, Mark Hawley

Volume 2 number 6
The ethical evaluation of assistive technology for practitioners: a checklist arising from a participatory study with people with dementia, family and professionals
Beatrice Godwin

Volume 3 number 6
Fall detectors: a review of the literature
Gillian Ward, Nikki Holliday, Simon Fielden, Sue Williams

Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society


Volume 4 number 10
Contesting methodologies: Evaluating focus group and privacy diary methods in a study of on-line privacy
Danijela Bogdanovic, Michael Dowd, Eileen Wattam, Alison Adam

Journal of Intellectual Capital


Volume 1 number 13
Linking knowledge processes with firm performance: organizational culture
Herbert A. Nold III

Highly commended

Volume 3 number 13
Dynamics of Chinese emerging multinationals in cross-border mergers and acquisitions
Artie W. Ng, Jay Chatzkel, K.F. Lau, Douglas Macbeth

Volume 1 number 13
Consumer interaction as intellectual capital
Fiona Sussan

Journal of Knowledge Management


Volume 6 number 16
Factors affecting knowledge management success: the fit perspective
Chun-Ming Chang, Meng-Hsiang Hsu, Chia-Hui Yen

Highly commended

Volume 1 number 16
Organizational and behavioral factors that influence knowledge retention
Ellen Caroline Martins, Hester W.J. Meyer

Volume 4 number 16
Knowledge elicitation techniques in a knowledge management context
Tatiana Gavrilova, Tatiana Andreeva

Library Hi Tech


Volume 1 number 30
Invisible institutional repositories: Addressing the low indexing ratios of IRs in Google Scholar
Kenning Arlitsch, Patrick S. O'Brien

Highly commended

Volume 1 number 30
Libraries, languages of description, and linked data: a Dublin Core perspective
Thomas Baker

Volume 2 number 30
Towards an understanding of the participatory library
Linh Cuong Nguyen, Helen Partridge, Sylvia L. Edwards

Volume 4 number 30
The first 30 years of the internet through the lens of an academic library: The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1982-2012
Beth Sandore Namachchivaya

Online Information Review


Volume 1 number 36
Internet search tactics
Alastair G. Smith

Highly commended

Volume 3 number 36
Predictors of high-quality answers
Mohan John Blooma, Dion Hoe-Lian Goh, Alton Yeow-Kuan Chua

Volume 4 number 36
Twitter use by three political leaders: an exploratory analysis
Noa Aharony

Volume 5 number 36
The sustainability and stabilization of tag vocabulary in CiteULike: An empirical study of collaborative tagging
Jin Ma

Program: electronic library and information systems


Volume 2 number 46
DBpedia and the live extraction of structured data from Wikipedia
Mohamed Morsey, Jens Lehmann, Sören Auer, Claus Stadler, Sebastian Hellmann

Highly commended

Volume 1 number 46
Tweeting the friendly skies: Investigating information exchange among Twitter users about airlines
Nirupama Dharmavaram Sreenivasan, Chei Sian Lee, Dion Hoe-Lian Goh

Volume 2 number 46
Second Life in the library: an empirical study of new users' experiences
Christopher Peter Clarke

Volume 3 number 46
Resolving controlled vocabulary in DITA markup: a case example in agroforestry
Thomas Zschocke

Records Management Journal


Volume 1 number 22
Understanding functions: an organizational culture perspective
Fiorella Foscarini

Highly commended

Volume 1 number 22
A comparative case study on metadata schemes at Swedish governmental agencies
Nils Troselius, Anneli Sundqvist

Volume 1 number 22
Paradigm shifts in recordkeeping responsibilities: implications for ISO 15489's implementation
Pauline Joseph, Shelda Debowski, Peter Goldschmidt

Volume 3 number 22
Information and records management: A precondition for a well functioning quality management system
Johanna Gunnlaugsdottir



Volume 2 number 42
Effects of interpersonal trust, team leader support, rewards, and knowledge sharing mechanisms on knowledge sharing in project teams
Vathsala Wickramasinghe, Ruvini Widyaratne