How to... proofread your work Part: 6

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How to... proofread your work

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References and artwork


You should ensure that all your references are in the correct Harvard style. Full details can be found in our How to... use the Harvard reference system guide.

NB Putting your references in the correct style is important to allow your paper to exploit the electronic referencing facility, which allows people to link directly with other relevant articles.



All figures should be supplied in both electronic format and also as high quality originals. They should be either copied and pasted or saved and imported from the original software into a blank Microsoft Word document.

They should be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals. Many figures may be placed in an Appendix and these should be numbered A1, etc. Position them in the text by typing on a separate line the words "Take in Figure 1".

All figures should have clear captions. When you do your final check, look for misspellings and typographical errors in figures and their captions.

Ensure that the figure does genuinely convey something that could not otherwise be conveyed as text, i.e. do not refer to bulleted lists or quotes as figures.

Please use one of the following file formats:

  • .ppt – Microsoft Powerpoint
  • .eps – Postscript
  • .pdf – Adobe Acrobat portable document format
  • .ai – Adobe Illustrator
  • .wmf – Windows Metafile

If you are unable to supply graphics in the formats listed above, please ensure that figures are single images in one of:

  • .tif, .jpeg, .bmp, .pcx, .pic, .gif or .pct formats
  • at a resolution of at least 300dpi and at least 10cm wide.


Number as Plate 1, etc. Position them in the text by typing on a separate line the words "Take in Plate 1". All photographs should be submitted as good quality originals. If submitting electronically, please observe the following:

  • Save as .tif or .jpg files of at least 300 dpi, at least 10 cm wide (tifs are preferable as jpegs are compressed and can be poor quality).
  • If using a digital camera, set to the highest resolution or image quality possible.


These should also be numbered consecutively, but separately from figures and images, and in Roman numerals (I, II, etc.). Tables in the Appendix should be referenced AI, AII, etc. Indicate the position of the table in the text by typing on a separate line the words "Take in Table 1".

Give each table a brief title. Make sure that data in tables is accurate, and not repeated unnecessarily. If feasible, give all tables a similar layout, and avoid unnecessary repetition of column heads, side items, etc.