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6 industries that will be transformed by robots



Image: Robot. Technology has always shaped the way we work. From the plough, to the printing press, to the internet – the tools that are available shape and dictate the jobs that we do. Will recent advances in robotics drive another era of change in these 6 industries?

  Image: Lightbulb. Here we'll be bringing you a series of podcasts on topics ranging from diversity and equality through to leadership, and you’ll have exclusive access to discussions on popular and new theories.


The future of workplace learning


Gender pay gap

Image: The future of workplace learning. How can we encourage continual learning within virtual teams? How can we promote innovative work behaviour amongst employees? How can we harness technology to enhance learning? Take a look at our interview with Peter Casebow, CEO of Good Practice.

  Image: Gender pay gap. According to the equal pay portal in the UK, the average woman working full-time earns 9.4% less than a man. Take a look at our latest research on the gender pay gap and read our blog "Gender pay: why haven’t we smashed the glass ceiling yet?"





Image: Change. In an often volatile and transient world, it is hard for us to prepare for what is about to come. In this article we explore change – the only constant there is. Get a brief overview, or delve deeper into our research by clicking the links within the article.

  Image: Love. From buying cards and flowers for your loved one to showing your devotion to your favourite brands, love can be found all around us. To help you to feel the love, take a look at our latest research.


Blog: How Tiffany's used true love stories to boost its brand


Happy New You

Image: Blog: How Tiffany's used true love stories to boost its brand. Read our latest blog based on the research "Storygiving as a co-creation tool for luxury brands in the age of the internet: a love story by Tiffany and thousands of lovers."

  Image: Happy New You. Got the back to work blues? Think you’re stuck in a work rut? Considering a new job? Stop, and ask yourself whether a career change is really what is needed. We’ve collated a series of articles to help you succeed more in what you already do.




Cartoon: Teacher Professional Learning

Image: Consumerism. Whether you’re an early planner or a last minute purchaser, for those that celebrate the festive season gift buying is part and "parcel" of the festivities. Check out our listicle and a selection of our consumerism research.


  Image: US Election Special Dr Deborah Netolicky explores how professional learning can transform teachers and school leaders in Issue 4. Take a look at our cartoon abstract of her article.


#SelfieMarketing: Building your selfie strategy


Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016

Image: Girl studying Everyday over 1 million selfies are taken and more than 17 million selfies are uploaded and shared. But what does this mean for companies and their marketing strategy?


  Image: Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016. This year during Global Entrepreneurship Week we are celebrating "Sustainable Entrepreneurship". Take a look at our latest research, Q&As and top tips from the experts to highlight what it takes to be a successful sustainable entrepreneur.


US Election Special


Have you found your study space?

Image: US Election Special In October 2016, one month before the fight for the next US President was over, we compiled a selection of our latest research to provide you with academic insight into political elections.


  Image: Girl studying Where you choose to study can have a significant impact on your academic performance. To help students and academics find their perfect study space, we have created this useful infographic, which explains what students need to look out for.


  • Equality and Diversity
    Equality and diversity are major issues in today's society and as a result, research needs to assist with driving awareness and influencing change for a better world.

  • Evaluation & Assessment Tips
    Measuring how learning outcomes have been achieved by students is integral to the fields of Education and Library and Information Science. We have summarized research from both subjects in this infographic.

  • Libraries Transform
    How are libraries changing in order meet the challenges of user needs for information, technology, and expertise? From learning spaces to Cloud Libraries, take a look at our related research.

  • Working beyond retirement
    Research shows that 10% of UK workers are still working beyond the retirement age of 65.  There are many advantages to having an older workforce for both the employer and employee, as our research suggests.

  • Labour Day and the minimum wage
    Labour Day is a celebration of labourers and the working classes that occurs every year on 1 May. It's supported by the international labour movement and has close ties to trade unions.

  • Designing a course? Candy Crush can help
    The term "gamification" describes the use of game design elements in non-game contexts.  One of the contexts where this technique has been shown as beneficial is the classroom.

  • Stress Relief
    In full time employment, you spend the equivalent of 50 per cent of your waking hours working, so you will inevitably encounter stress at some point in your career.

  • Social Entrepreneurship
    Does a traditional entrepreneur think and act in the same way as a social entrepreneur? Research from Social Enterprise Journal reveals the answers.

  • Identifying the Purple Squirrel
    David Dumeresque explains that in order to remain competitive, business leaders must hire and retain extraordinary people who can conceptualize and deliver real and lasting change to an organization.

  • What is love?
    Infographic featuring article content from Emerald's books and journals on the themes of love and relationships.

  • How to be happier at work
    Professor Mike Schraeder of Troy University in Alabama, USA, presents four easy ways to improve your job satisfaction and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Women and society
    Women's studies impact every aspect of our daily lives; from human resource decisions, to getting ahead at work, equality discussions and in advertising.

  • Libraries: Not only books...
    The main focus for public libraries today is often the development of digital collections and services in line with advances in technology. But sometimes it can be easy to overlook the importance of other services.

  • How to disseminate your research via social media
    Social media is widely used in social and professional environments. It is a valuable tool which can help you with your research before, during and after publication.

  • Clothes shopping misery for plus-size teens
    Assistant Professor Laurel Dawn Romeo and Young-A Lee conducted in-depth interviews with plus-size females aged 12-17 years and their families about their experiences with clothes shopping.

  • Dementia
    The latest Global Burden of Disease Study estimates there are about 53 Million people living with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.

  • How to pitch
    Could you deliver a compelling pitch on your research to a non-specialist audience? Could you do it in three minutes?

  • Teen Texting Habits
    Emerald authors explore the role of technology in the lives of children and adolescents and the profound changes that the rapid pace of technological advancement have caused to their lives.

  • Webinar: Publish not Perish
    Getting published is the mainstay of a researcher's career path. Developing a portfolio of published works opens doors to funding, increased visibility within the respective discipline and career advancement.

  • Babson College: Entrepreneurial Education
    Award-winning teachers at the top entrepreneurship school in the US, Babson College, have come together to demonstrate how education can help to create the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

  • An essential guide to starting a social enterprise
    Download our handy guide to starting your social enterprise.


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