Our publishing philosophy


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Our industry-leading copyright policy combines the protection of rights, benefits for authors and readers along with high levels of service for anyone seeking to use published material.

Our publishing policy makes us different and unique amongst scholarly publishers. It is based on eight core principles, all of which interrelate to form our distinctive philosophy.

1. Internationality

Our policy: "International" means that we draw from researchers in almost every country in the world. We encourage international representation of our contributors to our journals and books. We also set targets for themed journal issues that take a specific international perspective on a subject, topic or industry. This is because we operate in a transnational world of scholarly ideas and we believe that encouraging authors from all parts of the world creates a richer and more valuable ecology of knowledge and scholarship that will benefit all our constituents.

In 2008, 7,986 journal papers from 115 different countries were published.

2. Diversity

Our policy: "Diversity" means that we seek – and actively encourage – excellence, wherever it originates. We ask some editors to take a section within a journal to cover practitioner-authored papers, or new researchers' papers, or to specifically encourage such papers. We set targets, and ask for (and measure) special issues on interdisciplinary approaches, or new/emergent themes. We do so because this gives us better, stronger and more vibrant journals, and a clear leadership position in our industry to help us to be the "publisher of choice" for our target authors, end users and customers.

Read the full publishing philosophy document in PDF format via the link below.

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