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Thought-Provoking Academic Research on Portugal’s Tourism Industry Sparks Major Event

United Kingdom, 29 January 2015 – Politicians, business leaders and academics from countries such as Greece, Portugal, Spain, UK, Uruguay, and US will gather at an event in Portugal on 12 February to discuss the impact of the economic crisis on the Portuguese tourism industry. The event follows a special issue of Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes (WHATT), published by Emerald Group Publishing, which examines the context of the financial crash and resulting image of Portugal as a tourist destination.

Special issue editors Jorge Costa, João Gomes and Mónica Montenegro built on existing research and analysis by IPDT Institute of Tourism in Portugal and the perspectives of government and industry leaders, to produce a new comprehensive view of Portuguese tourism.

The event in February will consist of presentations from Alexander Lamnidis of the Greek Tourism Confederation, João Figueiredo, from the Portuguese Tourism Board and Yolanda Perdomo, from the World Tourism Organisation to two hundred specially invited attendees, plus roundtables discussing  key themes from the study, including the economic crisis and the success of Portuguese tourism. 

Opening the event will be Manuel Violas, President, Solverde Group & Conference Chairman; Pinto Moreira, Mayor, Espinho; Melchior Moreira, President, Porto & North Portugal Tourism Board; António Jorge Costa, President, IPDT Institute Of  Tourism; and Antonio Pires de Lima, Portuguese Economics Minister, providing an overview and context of the day’s discussions.

Richard Teare, Managing Editor of WHATT, said: “The broad range of the content in this edition of the journal brings together researchers, practitioners and policymakers to produce the most up-to-date, detailed and authoritative review of this topic. It is necessary for research such as this to involve a variety of perspectives to give a fully formed picture of the issues, which are affecting tourism in Portugal throughout the economic crash.

“This special issue of WHATT and the event will help to identify good practice and lessons from a very tough context.”     

WHATT is part of the Tourism & Hospitality collection at Emerald Group Publishing. The collection features several titles, which focus on helping practitioners adopt research findings. Titles include the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management indexed by Thomson Reuters (ISI), and Tourism Review, the world's oldest journal in the field.

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