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The US in Decline – Has its Time as a Superpower Come to an End?

New research collection discusses if past policies and global dynamics have resulted in the irreversible decline of the United States

Cambridge, MA, June 6 2014 - The United States is arguably the most powerful nation on earth, influencing policy on a global level while its popular culture continues to draw attention around the world. But there is a growing view among social scientists that it has reached its peak as a superpower and now faces decline. The United States in Decline, a new research collection from the academic publisher, Emerald Group Publishing, explores a range of themes from the restructuring of national politics to China's growing power.

Through a series of essays written by leading sociologists, the volume seeks to answer several key questions: is this decline a consequence of long-standing US policies or is it the product of a larger global dynamic? Is this decline reversible? Will the decline result in a new hegemon? From dissecting the strategic doctrine that came out of the Cold War to exploring the economic dynamic between the United States and China, the contributors to this volume discuss the possible catalysts of this decline.

Professor Richard Lachmann, Editor, The United States in Decline, said: “The seven articles in this volume assess the extent to which the United States remains militarily, industrially and financially hegemonic, and identify the political and structural sources of American decline.

“The authors' original research and analyses yield new insights that will sharpen our understanding of American and global political economy.”

Until June 29, the chapter, From Consensus to Paralysis in the United States, 1960–2010,from The United States in Decline is available for free access. Visit 

The United States in Decline is part of Emerald’s Political Power and Social Theory series.  Political Power and Social Theory is a peer-reviewed series committed to advancing the interdisciplinary understanding of the linkages between political power, social relations, and historical development.

For further information, to request an inspection copy or access the digital version please contact Megan DeWaele,

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