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The misunderstood social opportunity for career success

New study challenges assumptions about young job seekers and social media - read it free until 10 January 2014

United Kingdom, 18 December 2013 – With companies increasingly turning to online recruitment, and social media showing the potential to revolutionize the modern job search, are young job hunters ready and properly equipped?  A new study, published in Social Media in Human Resources Management (Advanced Series in Management, Volume 12), suggests not. It challenges the stereotype of the ‘tech savvy’ Generation Y job seeker, who is willing and able to use social media in their search. It can be read freely until 31 January 2014 by visiting:

Co-authored by Laxmikant Manroop and Julia Richardson, the findings of the study challenge popular stereotypes and anecdotes that suggest that the power of technology comes naturally and easily to Generation Y (born between 1980 and 2000) users. It also suggests that young people, particularly graduates, are unprepared for the job market, and many of them are stuck in the traditional ways of looking for a job, despite the information that is available for them to exploit modern technologies to enhance their job search experience.

Despite the assumption that young people are the most connected people in history and should be using social media to leverage job opportunities, the study found that many lack the “know how” to do so. Although familiar with how to use it to connect socially with friends and family, many do not understand the potential of these technologies to connect with prospective employers and they adopted a somewhat passive approach.

In addition to this, the study shows that there are several other factors which affect the extent to which Generation Y utilizes social media in their search for employment. These include resistance to using social media for job hunting, a lack of knowledge about the job search features on social media sites, scepticism of its value, and privacy concerns.

The study places the onus upon colleges and universities to include modern job search techniques into their curricula, and stresses the need for career centres and employers to play their part in disseminating information about how social media can be used to look for jobs.

Entitled “Using Social Media for Job Search: Evidence from Generation Y Job Seekers”, the study is published as part of Social Media in Human Resources Management - Volume 12 of Advanced Series in Management, Volume 12. The Editors, Tanya Bondarouk and Miguel R. Olivas-Luján, comment: “The study by Drs. Manroop and Richardson shows convincingly that employers and universities must not assume that social media is the "new normal" for recruitment purposes.  As Editors of this volume, we are very fortunate that researchers from ten countries satisfied our rigorous editorial process to offer solid evidence that social media is indeed transforming Human Resources Management processes, but in ways that are less known or expected. We are confident that shrewd managers, trainers and researchers will discover many helpful findings and implications in this volume and its predecessors.”

Advanced Series in Management publishes volumes focused on developing the ideas that will become the foundation for the next generation of management theory, research methodology and practice. It highlights practical insights and new approaches that are essential in managing today's organizations. More information can be found at:

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