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11th IFLA International Marketing Award winners announced

Sponsored by Emerald Group Publishing

The IFLA Section on Management and Marketing in collaboration with Emerald is pleased to announce the winners of the 11th IFLA International Marketing Award for 2013.

First place was awarded to University of Tartu, represented by Olga Einasto who  represented the project “Talking Textbooks” (Rääkivad Õpikud), which focused on meeting the needs of students who are blind or visually impaired and have difficulty studying and preparing for exams.  The library employed student volunteers to read books and save them in audio files, digitize learning material and lecture notes to be used with special software to transform text into speech and read exam questions out loud during exam sessions.  The library also provided a new at home library service. Library users, for whom visiting the library is difficult due to their physical or sensory disabilities, can borrow and return books with the aid of voluntary helpers.  The library marketed the new services directly to potential users by partnering with the university’s Office for Academic Affairs and engaged in public seminars to obtain feedback and assessment. The first-place winner receives airfare, lodging, and registration for the 2013 IFLA General Conference and Council to be held this year in Singapore, and a cash award of $1,000 (U.S.) to further the marketing efforts of the library.

Second place was awarded to the Saskatoon Public Library, Saskatoon, Canada, represented by Kathryn Thompson. The library launched a six-month re-branding campaign, “Collections-Connections and solicited broad input from  existing and potential library patrons as well as potential donors and library stakeholders. The tag line of the new logo – Collections. Connections. – reflects the foundation of the library (its collection) and portrays the connections the library strives to make with the community.

Third place was awarded to the The Khakas Republican Children's Library, Russia for the project “Reading is a useful habit”, represented by Olga Valerievna Lomova. The project engaged student reporters, who prepared videos announcing the library news.  The project aimed at positioningthe children's library as a cultural-leisure object, which develops useful habit — reading passion for the children and teenagers from the age of 7 to the age of 15.

Eileen Breen, Senior Publisher at Emerald, comments: “This year’s winners of the IFLA International Marketing Awards illustrate perfectly Emerald’s endeavours to support global initiatives that benefit society. Once again the IFLA International Marketing Awards prove inspirational to the whole information community and we congratulate these worthy winners.”

Other commendable projects for the 11th IFLA International Marketing Award include:

  • Central West Libraries (Australia) for the project “24 Hour Read” represented by Jan Richards
  • Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (India) for the project “Inspiring Library Patrons” represented by N. Narayanankutty
  • National Library of Serbia (Serbia) for the project “Library Collection: Prêt à porter” represented by Nađa Stojković
  • IREX – Global Libraries Romania Biblionet program (Romania) for the project “ Library Wantderers” represented by Paul Andre Baran, Monica Grecu
  • Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library (USA) for the project “Meme Your Library” represented by Ben Bizzle
  • Taiwan University (CCU) Library (Taiwan) for the project “The Triple C Project (Cross-discipline, Creativity, and Competition)” represented by Kuo-Yu Wang
  • Khasavjurt City Central Library (Russia) for the project “Around the World in Forty Weeks” represented by Elmir Yakubov

More details about these winning campaigns are available from Nancy E. Gwinn, Information Coordinator for the jury.

The first place winner will be announced officially at the IFLA press conference at Singapore in August 2013, time and place to be announced. Second and third place winners will be announced also and awarded with distinctions.

Criteria and applications for this 11th award, applications were available on the IFLA Website. Altogether there were 20 applicants from 12 countries including Australia, Canada, India, Russia, Spain, and USA.

Any library, agency, or association in the world that promotes library service was eligible to receive the award.  The IFLA International Marketing Award honors organizations that implement creative, results-oriented marketing projects or campaigns.

Objectives of the Award

•    Reward the best library marketing project worldwide each year
•    Encourage marketing in libraries
•    Give libraries the opportunity to share marketing experiences

This year's applicants were carefully judged on the following

1.    Strategic approach to marketing;
2.    Creativity, originality, innovation and social value;
3.    Potential for generating widespread public visibility and support for libraries;
4.    Effectiveness of communication;
5.    Commitment to ongoing marketing activities.
6.    Expression of emotion, sustainability and ethical aspects.

The Jury revised the criteria to facilitate increased understanding of marketing, and participation by a broader range of countries. 
For more information contact the following representatives of the Jury of the IFLA International Marketing Award :

  • Dinesh K. GUPTA (India),Chair                
  • Nancy E. Gwinn (USA)                           
  • Ludmila Zaytseva (Russia)                       
  • Nadia Temmer  (Algieria)                         
  • Antonia Arahova (Greece)                               


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