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Emerald's website changes

What you need to know about Emerald's
web platform improvements

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As part of Emerald's ongoing initiative to improve online user experience, we recently introduced some changes to our websites.

On 1st March 2014 the Emerald website was separated into two new-look websites designed to enhance customer experience and make finding information quicker and easier. Further changes will be taking place later in the year, details of which you will find below.

Phase One – site separation, 1 March 2014

The first stage involved separating www.emeraldinsight.com into two websites with the purpose of creating a much more focused user experience:

  • The web address www.emeraldinsight.com remains live and has evolved into a dedicated research platform that provides students and researchers with a direct path to the most relevant research.

  • We launched a new web address www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com, featuring information and customer support resources for all Emerald products and services.

Phase Two – migrating our content platform to Literatum, date TBA

This second phase involves migrating all of our research content onto the Literatum platform. The website address will remain as www.emeraldinsight.com.

We are currently undergoing rigorous testing of the Literatum platform to ensure we deliver an excellent online experience. This means that we will only implement the new platform following thorough and rigorous testing, and at a suitable time for our customers when considering busy periods and term time.

Although the visual design of the site will remain the same, at this point some functionality will change and there will be a number of enhancements including enriched metadata and enhanced search facilities.

We will ensure that we give customers plenty of notice before we make the change and comprehensive support resources will be provided, including online tutorials and user guides, backed up by a dedicated central support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did Emerald separate its website into two sites?

A: By separating our research content and Emerald Group sites we are able to give each site a clear identity and purpose, making it easier for users to find the information they need, quickly and easily.

The new sites have been designed to create an enhanced user experience, incorporating feedback from an independent usability study with existing users conducted in 2013.

Q: What are the benefits of separating the two sites?

A: The benefits are as follows:

Q: Why is Emerald undertaking this change?

A: Based on feedback and satisfaction surveys conducted with our librarian, researcher and author communities in 2013, Emerald is investing in a partnership with Atypon to bring you a range of useful performance enhancements to our web platform.

We are also aware that the demands from our customers and users are evolving rapidly. The developments we are undertaking now will provide the flexibility for development of service and functionality in the future.

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Q: Why did Emerald choose Atypon’s Literatum platform?

A: We selected Atypon’s Literatum platform for its reputation as the leading digital solution provider within the scholarly publishing industry. This was based on our own extensive review and independent feedback from our communities.

Atypon has a proven track record of delivering publishing solutions that have improved the discoverability, access and usage of research, as well as a system designed for flexible development in the years ahead. This benefit to Emerald customers and researchers was a key factor in our decision.

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Q: When will the change happen?

A: Throughout this project, our number one priority has been to ensure a smooth transition in order to minimize any risks of disruption. We are making excellent progress in building the new platform and remain committed to delivering outstanding service to our customers. As such we are conducting more rigorous testing on all aspects of the site, which will extend the project beyond its initial launch date.

We will ensure that we give customers plenty of notice before we make the change and comprehensive support resources will be provided, including online tutorials and user guides, backed up by a dedicated central support team.

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Q: What are the benefits of the new platform?

Literatum has been specially designed to host and optimize research content, offering a range of benefits:

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Q: Will access be interrupted?

A: No. Every precaution is being taken to minimize any risk of disruption during the transition and to have no loss in access after the transition to the new site. These precautions include an extensive period of testing.

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Q: Will customer support be provided to assist with the transition?

A: Yes, we will work with our customers to ensure that relevant suport resources are provided throughout the transition. User guides will be made available prior to the launch and online tutorials will be featured on the website. There will be a dedicated support team and your local Emerald contacts will also be available to answer your queries and direct you to the right point of help.

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Q: Will the address of the website remain the same?

A: Yes, Emerald Insight will remain at www.emeraldinsight.com and will continue to be the Emerald research platform; providing search, browse, and access to all Emerald content: journals, eBook series and case studies.

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Q: Will existing links be redirected?

A: All current links for Emerald journals and book series will be mapped to the new website for a smooth transition so you don’t have to change anything.

Automatic redirects will be set up for all resources that are moving from www.emeraldinsight.com to www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com, meaning any existing links you may have saved will take you to the correct page on the new site.

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Q: How will my institution’s authentication details migrate?

A: We will ensure that the data migration between the existing systems and the new platform is a seamless transition.

For institutions using a shared username and password login, authentication details will change and will be communicated before the launch. We invite administrators of those institutions to ensure that their contact e-mail address is up-to-date on their library administrator profile.

The migration of authentication details will be automatic for institutions using all other authentication methods, including IPs, Athens and Shibboleth. We are currently working with our service providers to ensure full Shibboleth migration.

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Q: Will individual usernames and passwords change?

A: Yes, for security reasons the username and password for your individual profile will have to be reset. Your existing username will be replaced by your e-mail address. We will contact you at your registered e-mail address before the launch so that you can activate your account and reset your password.

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Q: Will you be communicating with aggregators and third party discovery tools?

A: Yes, we will be communicating with third parties to ensure that the data distribution channels are operating as usual at the time of launch.

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Q: Will historical usage statistics be available?

A: The new platform will provide comprehensive metrics.

The legacy usage data will be made available via the administrator area of the platform. We will give you instructions on how to retrieve them after the launch. The new platform features integrated COUNTER 4 stats reporting.

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Q: Will the new platform be fully compliant with industry standards?

A: Yes, the new platform supports all the major industry standards and format information. In terms of discoverability and display, the web delivery platform encompasses the latest conventions, including W3C standards.

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If you have any questions, please e-mail us at: webchange@emeraldinsight.com